Wizkid Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Tania Omotayo

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Wizkid Wife: Is He Married To Girlfriend Tania Omotayo


Who is Wizkid’s spouse? The well-known singer from Nigeria has dated a number of well-known people, including Tania Omotayo. Is he legally wed, though?

Wizkid, a well-known Nigerian singer and composer, is really Ayo Balogun.

One of the greatest African musicians of all time, he has influenced pop, hip-hop, dancehall, R&B, reggae, and Afro-beats.

His incredible career, which included working with global superstars like Drake, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Normani, and Calvin Harris, cemented his position in the music business.

Notably, Wizkid won the Grammy Award for Best Music Video in 2020, cementing his status as a worldwide phenomenon.

Fans have often inquired about his personal life, especially his marriage status and romantic relationships, which we discuss in this article, in addition to his musical accomplishments.

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  • 1 Is Singer Wizkid’s Wife Married To Tania Omotayo?
  • 2 Wizkid and Jada P, his manager, are wed
  • 3 How Many Children Is Wizkid Parenting?

Is Singer Wizkid’s Wife Married To Tania Omotayo?

Nope. Tania Omotayo and Nigerian artist Wizkid are not wed. The artist, on the other hand, is wed to Jada P, his manager.

One significant love engagement in Wizkid’s past was with Tania Omotayo, a successful Nigerian-Austrian model, businesswoman, author, actor, and reality TV personality.

The two had a tight relationship for around six years until breaking up in 2016. Many are still curious about what transpired between them.

They have not disclosed the specifics of the cause of their breakup. But once upon a time, they had a really close bond.

The model acknowledged facing hurdles from the limelight and media throughout their six-year relationship when asked whether she was happy.

She answered in the affirmative, despite the challenges. But, as time went on, Wizkid and Tania both moved on and followed different courses in life.

Wizkid and Jada P, his manager, are wed

Wizkid announced his marriage to his international manager and mother of his two children, Jada Pollock, in November 2022.

She was also known as Jada P., and she was very important to Wizkid.

When the interviewer referred to Jada P as his wife during a picture session, the well-known musician subtly recognized his marriage in an interview with GQ France.

It’s interesting that Wizkid chose to ignore the interviewer’s corrections, which supported the lingering allegations of their covert marriage.

Apart from being Wizkid’s spouse, Jada P is a highly recognized American businesswoman, music executive, media entrepreneur, and talent manager, recognized for her collaborations with well-known celebrities.

How Many Children Is Wizkid Parenting?

The performer of “Holla at Your Boy” proudly dons the father of four children cap. His first two children, born in 2011 and 2016, were born to separate partners.

He brought two boys into the world with Jada P. Following in the footsteps of his father, they welcomed the birth of their first son, Zion-Ayo Balogun, in October 2017.

The Nigerian singer did not formally announce the arrival of their youngest son, Balogun-Pollock, until October 2022.

Rather, Jada P, his third baby mom, posted a sweet photo of herself holding the infant on Instagram.

In conclusion, fans and the media are often enthralled by the private lives of a celebrity like Wizkid.

Given that he has confirmed his marriage to Jada P and that he is a father of four children, many are curious about Wizkid’s personal life.

Even if Tania Omotayo and he had a serious connection in the past, it’s evident that he’s moved on and is still creating music that appeals to listeners all over the globe.

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