Who Is Zendaya’s Brother Austin Stoermer Coleman,& What Does He Do?

Who Is Zendaya’s Brother Austin Stoermer Coleman,& What Does He Do?



In the glittering world of Hollywood fame, there’s more to Zendaya’s story than what meets the eye. Let’s unravel the lesser-known but equally fascinating tale of her brother, Austin Stoermer Coleman. From his roots to family ties, Austin steps into the spotlight, giving us a glimpse into his life.


Early Life and Family Ties:

Born on June 15, 1999, in the United States, Austin Stoermer Coleman, at 23, is the younger brother of the renowned actress Zendaya Coleman. Their parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, shape a multiethnic family tapestry, blending African-American, German, and Scottish heritage. In the Coleman family, Austin found his place among four sisters, including the famous Zendaya.


Family Roles and Background:

Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, of African descent from Arkansas, initially pursued a career as a bodyguard and fitness trainer. However, his dedication took a turn when he became the guiding force behind Zendaya’s success, transitioning into her manager. Austin’s mother, Claire Stoermer, a 57-year-old from Germany, started as a teacher and later devoted herself entirely to the family’s well-being.


Siblings’ Bond and Upbringing:

Austin grew up alongside his four sisters in a close-knit family. While Zendaya soared to stardom, earning acclaim for her acting and singing, Austin remained connected with his roots. Despite having loving parents, he spent much of his youth in Oakland with his grandmother. The siblings, including Zendaya, share a deep bond and currently reside in a luxurious property.


Educational Journey:

While specific details about Austin’s university education remain undisclosed, he completed his elementary and high school education in a prestigious private institution. The foundation of his academic journey was laid in the community where he grew up.


Physical Attributes:

Standing at 179 centimetres (five feet nine inches), Austin Stoermer Coleman carries a weight of 77 kilograms (169 pounds). His physical measurements include a chest size of 42, waist size of 40, and hips measuring 40. With black hair and eyes, Austin finds joy in athletic pursuits, particularly track and field, and enjoys engaging in card games. His heart holds appreciation for the vibrant cities of Chicago and the United States of America.


Unique Interests and Hobbies:

Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, Austin embraces a passion for athletics and card games. His interests reflect a grounded personality, finding joy in activities that resonate with simplicity and genuine enjoyment. These hobbies mirror a connection to his roots and a love for unassuming pastimes.



While Zendaya dazzles on the big screen, Austin Stoermer Coleman adds his own unique shade to the Coleman family canvas. From a supportive upbringing to shared joys with siblings, Austin’s story is a reminder that behind every star, there is a family foundation. As he continues his journey, Austin emerges as a distinct individual, contributing his chapter to the narrative of the Coleman legacy.




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