Who Are Tommy Chong’s Kids?

Who Are Tommy Chong’s Kids?



The Many Faces of Tommy Chong

You might know Tommy Chong as the laid-back, funny guy from the Cheech & Chong movies or as “Leo” from “That ’70s Show.” However, beyond the screen, he’s a family man with six children, each carving their own unique paths. Let’s dive into the stories of Tommy Chong’s kids and discover the diverse journeys they’ve taken.


Rae Dawn Chong: Paving the Way in Hollywood

Rae Dawn Chong, born in 1961, made a name for herself in the film industry. Raised by Maxine Sneed, she stepped into the spotlight with roles like the tough-as-nails character in “Commando.” Breaking barriers, Rae secured a role originally written for someone else, challenging Hollywood norms in the ’70s. Her journey proves that talent knows no boundaries, and she continues to shine with upcoming film projects.


Robbi Chong: Actress, Model, and Legacy Carrier

Born in 1965, Robbi Chong, the second oldest, embraced both acting and modeling. From her debut in “Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers” to her significant role in “Poltergeist: The Legacy,” Robbi showcased her versatile talents. Not just limited to the screen, she also graced the pages of Vogue as a successful model. Even today, at 56, she remains a presence on runways, adding a touch of glamour to the fashion world.


Marcus Chong: A Unique Path in Hollywood

Adopted at 18, Marcus Chong, previously Marcus Wyatt, took on the Chong name. Known for his role as Tank in “The Matrix,” his career took a turn after legal battles with the film’s producers. Despite setbacks, Marcus’s early success in “Roots: The Next Generations” and other films illustrates his unique journey in Hollywood.


Precious Chong: From Rebel to Comedy Creator

Choosing a different path from her father’s comedic legacy, Precious rebelled against the drug-comedy lifestyle. Excelling in academics and ballet, she initially steered clear of the spotlight. Eventually embracing comedy, she earned acting credits and co-created the TV series “Sex and the Single Parent.” Currently involved in short films and stand-up comedy, Precious proves that creativity runs deep in the Chong genes.


Paris Chong: Catalyst for Reunion and Podcast Partner

The youngest Chong siblings, Paris, and his sibling may not pursue acting, but they’ve made their mark. Paris played a surprising role in reuniting Cheech & Chong, responding to an email behind his father’s back. His involvement in his father’s 2003 paraphernalia bust showcased his resilience. Starting the “Tommy Chong Podcast” with his dad in 2016, Paris brings the Chong vibe to listeners, blending laughter, life, and a bit of politics.


Conclusion: The Diverse Chong Family Tapestry

Tommy Chong’s kids, each weaving their unique threads into the Chong family tapestry, showcase that there’s more to the Chong legacy than meets the eye. From breaking Hollywood norms to embracing diverse creative paths, the Chong children prove that their father’s influence goes beyond the screen. As the Chong family continues to evolve, their stories remain a testament to individuality and creativity in the world of entertainment.





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