Who Are The Members Of Super Junior Dating? SuJu Members Girlfriends And Dating History

Who Are The Members Of Super Junior Dating? SuJu Members Girlfriends And Dating History



If you’ve been grooving to Kpop, Super Junior must have crossed your playlist with their timeless hit ‘Sorry Sorry.’ The kings of Hallyu Wave have not only dominated the Kpop scene but have also left fans curious about their personal lives. Let’s dive into the dating history of Super Junior members and uncover the stories behind their relationships.


1. Donghae: The Unattached Romantic:

Lee Dong Hae, Super Junior’s Lead Vocalist and Lead Dancer, remains unattached, keeping his love life under wraps. Despite past rumors with Girls’ Generation members, Yoona and Jessica Jung, Donghae’s current status keeps fans guessing, with frequent speculations linking him to his long-time friend Dara.


2. Eunhyuk: The Controversial Romantic:

Eunhyuk, the principal rapper and sub-vocalist, stirred controversy with a photo shared by IU in 2012. Despite rumors and backlash, Eunhyuk and IU maintained they were friends. Eunhyuk’s dating history is diverse, with close ties to SNSD’s Hyoyeon, sparking rumors of more than just friendship.


3. Heechul: A Tale of Love and Breakup:

Known for his wit on “Knowing Brothers,” Kim Heechul’s dating life took center stage when he dated Momo from TWICE. However, the couple announced their split in 2021 due to Heechul’s demanding schedule, leaving him currently unattached.


4. Kyuhyun: Searching for Love’s Return:

As Super Junior’s main vocalist and maknae, Cho Kyu Hyun remains single, dispelling past rumors with Park Ha Neul. Kyuhyun, while maintaining a humorous stance on dating preferences, shares experiences of feeling unreciprocated love in a past relationship.


5. Leeteuk: On-Screen Love and Rumors:

Leeteuk, the leader, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper, faced dating rumors with Kang So Ra during their appearance on ‘We Got Married.’ While the on-screen chemistry was undeniable, both denied any romantic involvement. Leeteuk also faced rumors with Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, which he attributed to coincidence.


6. Ryeowook: Happily Committed:

Super Junior’s lead vocalist, Kim Ryeo Wook, found love with Ari from Tahiti in 2020. Confirming the relationship, Ryeowook expressed happiness, and fans showered the couple with love and support.


7. Shindong: Love, Engagement, and Heartbreak:

Shin Dong Hee proposed on SBS’s ‘Strong Heart’ in 2010 but faced a broken engagement due to public scrutiny. Later, Shindong dated model Kang Shinae, confirming their relationship through SM Entertainment, only to part ways four months later.


8. Siwon: The Rising Star’s Privacy:

Choi Siwon, a sub-vocalist and acclaimed actor, has kept his personal life private. While rumored to have dated Liu Wen and Agnes Monica, Siwon’s current relationship status remains unconfirmed, reflecting his preference for a low-key love life.


9. Sungmin: Love Beyond the Stage:

Lee Sung Min, Super Junior’s principal dancer and vocalist, is the only married member. In 2014, he tied the knot with actress Kim Sa Eun in a secret ceremony, marking a rare instance of marital bliss within the group.


10. Yesung: A History of Heartbreak:

Kim Jong Woon, known as Yesung, Super Junior’s main vocalist, shared his past heartbreak on ‘Radio Star.’ After being cheated on by a former girlfriend, Yesung has kept a low profile in the dating scene, remaining unattached for now.



Super Junior’s journey through fame and love reflects the diversity of relationships within the Kpop scene. As fans continue to groove to their music, the personal lives of these SuJu members add an extra layer of intrigue, showcasing that even idols navigate the complexities of love and relationships in their own unique ways.




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