Who are Brittany Slaughter and Adam Hayes? Suspects arrested in Chloe Darnell murder

Assortment of 4 year old Chloe Darnell is accepted to have been found
2 captured have been made
24 year old Brittany Butcher and 34 year old Adam Hayes, of Wlliamsburg KY, have both been captured

Whitley Province is possibly near the very edge of tracking down conclusion to an upsetting case that unfurled on November 14. Chloe Darnell, a 4-year-old, and her legitimate watchman, Brittany Butcher, were accounted for missing, with Darnell not having been seen since September. On November 16, agents effectively found Butcher’s vehicle and soon thereafter, they viewed as her “locally,” as affirmed by the sheriff’s specialization.

Ongoing turns of events, notwithstanding, have taken a solemn turn. The Whitley District Sheriff’s Specialization uncovered on Friday that they had recuperated a body accepted to be that of Chloe Darnell. A GoFundMe crusade has been started to cover Darnell’s memorial service costs, revealing insight into the sad disclosure. Specialists directed a pursuit around the home, prompting the troubling finding of Darnell’s body in a close by lush region. The remaining parts have been shipped off the express analyst’s office for true ID.

Who are Brittany Butcher and Adam Hayes?

In a huge update to the case, two captures were made on Friday morning regarding Darnell’s vanishing and demise. Brittany Butcher, Chloe’s lawful gatekeeper, and Adam Hayes, 34, distinguished as Butcher’s sweetheart at that point, were both arrested. The two people face charges of homicide, maltreatment of a cadaver, and messing with physical proof, adding a layer of gravity to a generally troubling circumstance.

Policing underscored that the examination stays dynamic, proposing that extra charges could be impending. As the local area wrestles with the grievous occasions, the legal procedures will probably expose more subtleties, offering a feeling of conclusion to the disrupting conditions encompassing Chloe Darnell’s vanishing and ensuing destruction.

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