Mick Taylor, a talented guitarist, had a five-year stint with The Rolling Stones from 1969 to 1974. His time with the band saw the release of critically acclaimed albums like Exile on Main Street, Sticky Fingers, and Let it Bleed, solidifying his place in the rock ‘n’ roll history.


The Arrival of Mick Taylor: Filling Big Shoes

Stepping in for guitarist Brian Jones, Taylor brought technical and melodic prowess to The Rolling Stones. Frontman Mick Jagger praised Taylor’s musicality, describing him as a “fluent, melodic player.” Many believe this era marked the band’s best version, creating iconic music that still resonates today.


Life Beyond The Stones: Taylor’s Unplanned Departure

Despite the success, Taylor revealed in an interview that he never intended to stay with The Stones forever. His departure in 1974 was driven by a need for a break. Taylor admitted, “I never really felt I was gonna stay with the Stones forever, even right from the beginning.”


Exploring New Horizons: Taylor’s Musical Journey

After leaving The Rolling Stones, Taylor’s musical journey continued. Joining forces with Cream’s Jack Bruce in 1975, Taylor ventured into new projects, but this collaboration was short-lived. Over the years, he collaborated with various artists, contributed to recordings, and embarked on tours, occasionally releasing solo albums.


Post-Stones Ventures: Taylor’s Net Worth and Legal Tussles

While Taylor’s net worth is estimated at around $300,000, a fraction of Mick Jagger’s fortune, he remains active in the music scene. In 2009, reports surfaced about Taylor planning to sue The Rolling Stones over unpaid royalties. However, conflicting information later clarified that Taylor had no intention of taking legal action. His manager emphasized the positive relationship between Taylor and the band, with moments of warmth shared between Taylor and Keith Richards.


Conclusion: Mick Taylor’s Musical Odyssey Continues

Mick Taylor’s journey after leaving The Rolling Stones showcases his resilience and passion for music. From iconic albums with the Stones to collaborations with various artists, Taylor’s impact endures. Despite legal speculations, his connection with the band remains strong, proving that, in the world of rock ‘n’ roll, the music and relationships forged are timeless. As Mick Taylor continues his musical odyssey, his contributions to the world of rock remain etched in the annals of music history.




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