What Happens If You Get Sucked Up By A Tornado

What Happens If You Get Sucked Up By A Tornado



Caught in the Whirlwind

When a tornado warning flashes on your screen, staying safe is the top priority. Experts agree that avoiding the tornado’s path is crucial. But what if you find yourself unable to escape? What unfolds when nightmares become a reality? Let’s explore the unlikely scenarios of being caught inside a tornado, beyond the world of “The Wizard of Oz.”


The Wild Ride: Swept Up and Swirling

Unlike the cinematic adventures in Oz, getting swept up by a tornado doesn’t mean a joyous ride on a cruiser bike. According to experts, most people lifted by tornadoes don’t stay airborne for long. The wind is likely to drop you back to the ground, and the real danger lies in the debris. While tornadoes can carry people across distances, there’s no time for scenic notes within the storm’s eye. The question remains: what would you see, hear, and smell in the midst of a tornado’s terrible grasp?


Inside the Cyclone: A Scented Journey

As storm chaser Tim Samaras reveals, the eye of a tornado surprisingly carries a lovely scent. Survivors often describe the aftermath as smelling like freshly-cut grass, waterfalls, or raw earth. However, the aroma might turn less pleasant when tornadoes devour wreckage, resembling the scent of natural gas. Historical accounts vary; some suggest tornadoes might smell like sulfur, a freshly-lit match, or even a swamp-like odor. Imagine being enveloped in such scents as you’re lifted into the heart of the storm.


The Symphony of Sounds: Nature’s Orchestra in a Tornado

Samaras, who spent his career chasing storms, provides insights into the sounds experienced near tornadoes. While he wisely avoided being sucked inside, he described the moment as incredible, with the wind flow creating distinctive sounds. In an open field, the tornado mimics the soothing noise of a waterfall. In populated areas, it transforms into a thunderous roar. Inside the tornado’s belly, where the air swirls with a sulfur-like scent or the refreshing fragrance of rain, you might also be serenaded by an apocalyptic chorus—buzzing bees, the rush of waterfalls, or the distant rumble of a train. It’s a symphony that warns of the impending storm.


In Conclusion: A Storm’s Unveiled Secrets

Whether it’s the scent of sulfur and the hum of bees or the aroma of rain and the roar of a waterfall, one thing is clear: the experience inside a tornado is far from silent. The swirling winds carry a cacophony of sounds and scents, creating a sensory journey like no other. While the cinematic depictions in “The Wizard of Oz” may embellish the reality, the true nature of being caught in a tornado is a fascinating blend of danger and sensory surprises. So, if the winds start to twirl, it’s best to take cover and let the storm pass, avoiding the tumultuous ride into the heart of the cyclone.


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