Scott Weiland, known for his role in Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, had two children, Noah and Lucy, with his second wife, Mary Forsberg. Born in 2000 and 2002, respectively, Noah and Lucy’s early experiences reflected the challenges of having a rock star father with substance abuse issues.


Noah’s Musical Journey

Noah, following his father’s footsteps, became the singer of the band Suspect208, alongside other rock star children. However, his struggles with substance abuse led to his departure from the band in 2021. Despite the challenges, Noah has since cleaned up, focusing on a solo music career. Lucy, on the other hand, opted for a lower-profile career as a model with Elite Model Management.


Noah’s Battle with Substance Abuse

Like his father, Noah faced issues with substance abuse, causing tension within Suspect208 and eventually leading to his dismissal from the band. Acknowledging his struggles, Noah checked into rehab for opiate addiction, emphasizing the need for a healthier lifestyle amidst the pressures of fame.


Noah’s Resilient Comeback

Post-rehab, Noah returned to his passion for music, embarking on a solo career. His tumultuous experiences became a source of inspiration for his music, with Noah expressing that the challenges he faced contributed to the creation of some of his best songs. In April 2022, he released the song “One Day,” marking a positive step forward in his musical journey.


Mary Forsberg Weiland’s Perspective

After Scott Weiland’s tragic death, Mary Forsberg Weiland, his ex-wife, shared insights into the complex life they had with their children. In a Rolling Stone article, Mary detailed the challenges of helping Scott battle his demons while shielding their children from the harsh realities. She highlighted the emotional toll on Noah and Lucy, who hoped for their father’s effort despite the imperfections.


Honoring Scott Weiland’s Legacy

Despite the challenges, Noah and Lucy actively honor their father’s legacy. On what would have been Scott’s 50th birthday, the siblings created a Spotify playlist titled “Songs That Remind Me Of My Dad,” expressing their love and remembrance. Additionally, a poignant tribute was captured in a photograph posted by Randall Slavin, showing Lucy and Noah wearing their father’s clothes, symbolizing the impact of addiction on families beyond the addicted.


Conclusion: Navigating Fame, Challenges, and Legacy

Scott Weiland’s children, Noah and Lucy, continue to navigate the complexities of fame, substance abuse, and the legacy left by their iconic father. Despite the struggles, Noah’s resilient comeback in the music scene and Lucy’s choice of a low-profile career showcase their individual paths. The Weiland siblings actively commemorate their father’s memory, emphasizing the broader impact of addiction on families and the enduring connection they share with Scott Weiland’s rock ‘n’ roll legacy.




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