Tragic Details About Susan Cabot’s 1986 Killing

Tragic Details About Susan Cabot’s 1986 Killing



 Mysterious Night Unfolds in Encino, California

On a chilling night in December 1986, paramedics rushed to a house in Encino, California. The eerie scene awaited them, with a young man outside claiming a ninja-clad intruder attacked him and possibly harmed his mother. The house, once elegant, now stood in disarray, cluttered with heaps of trash and the persistent barking of guard dogs.


Hollywood’s Fallen Star – Susan Cabot’s Twisted Journey

The victim, 59-year-old Susan Cabot, had a tumultuous life before her tragic end. Born Harriet Pearl Shapiro in 1927, she faced abandonment, institutionalization, and abuse. Despite an early Hollywood career, Cabot was typecast into exotic roles, pushing her towards B-movies. Her life took a turn when she met Jordan’s King Hussein, sparking rumors about her son Timothy Scott being the royal’s child.


The Troubled Legacy of Timothy Scott Roman

Timothy Scott Roman, born prematurely with brain damage and dwarfism, faced a challenging start due to a difficult birth. His mother’s experimental hormone treatment added complexities, contributing to lifelong seizures and severe mood swings. As the LAPD would later discover, Timothy’s troubled past played a role in the shocking events that unfolded on that fateful night.


A Ninja Tale Unravels – LAPD Investigates the Crime Scene

When LAPD arrived, Timothy claimed a ninja-like burglar attacked his mother, stole $70,000, and knocked him unconscious. However, detectives grew suspicious as inconsistencies emerged. While Susan Cabot met a brutal end, Timothy’s wounds seemed superficial. LAPD Detective Joe Diglio noted the oddities in Timothy’s story, questioning the validity of the reported burglary.


Unraveling the Past – Susan Cabot’s Complex Relationships

Before her death, Susan Cabot navigated complex relationships, including a troubled connection with her son. Her Hollywood career, tainted by typecasting, led her to Roger Corman’s B-movies. The unexpected encounter with King Hussein added a layer of intrigue to her life, eventually influencing the tragic events of that December night in 1986.


 The Investigation’s Twist – Timothy Scott Roman Emerges as the Suspect

As the investigation progressed, suspicions turned towards Susan Cabot’s own son, Timothy Scott Roman. His troubled past, coupled with the inconsistencies in his narrative, pointed to a darker truth. The LAPD delved deeper into the peculiar circumstances surrounding Susan Cabot’s demise, unraveling a web of secrets and unanswered questions.

In the end, the tragedy of Susan Cabot’s 1986 killing remains shrouded in mystery, with the events of that night revealing a tumultuous life and complex relationships that ultimately led to a Hollywood star’s untimely end.


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