This Is How Many Victims Ronald Dominique Actually Had

This Is How Many Victims Ronald Dominique Actually Had



Ronald Dominique, known as the “Bayou Strangler,” was convicted of killing nearly two dozen men. The victims, numbering around 23, were often unhoused individuals, including sex workers and those struggling with substance abuse issues. Dominique’s crimes involved rape, torture, and murder. His modus operandi included tying up his victims, and he confessed to these gruesome acts.

Despite having previous run-ins with the law, Dominique’s mild-mannered demeanor had not raised suspicions. He was eventually caught after one potential victim, who was allowed to go free, shared his experience with a parole officer familiar with the Bayou Strangler case. Ronald Dominique pleaded guilty, and he is currently serving eight consecutive life sentences at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.




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