The Untold Truth Of Criss Angel

The Untold Truth Of Criss Angel



Criss Angel’s Magical Beginnings at Age 7

Criss Angel, the world-famous magician, began his magical journey at the tender age of 7. Inspired by a card trick shown by his aunt, he was hooked by the incredible power of magic. Angel’s early performances at just 12 years old earned him $10, revealing his passion for magic and a knack for making a little extra cash.


 A Doughnut Shop Dad and Life Lessons

Surprisingly, Angel’s dad, a fitness enthusiast, owned a doughnut shop. Amidst the aroma of chocolate glazed doughnuts, Angel learned about hard work, perseverance, and doughnut varieties. Despite battling stomach cancer, Angel’s dad lived with an inspiring smile, teaching his son valuable life lessons.


Teenage Magic Sensation in Bars and Restaurants

By the age of 14, Criss Angel was astonishing audiences in bars and restaurants, raking in $100 a night in tips alone. Even without a Hogwarts acceptance letter, Angel’s magical talents were evident, and his teachers supported his passion, allowing him to create a schedule that nurtured his love for magic.


 Parents’ Disapproval and the Road to Magic

Angel’s parents, initially supportive of his childhood magic hobby, were taken aback when he declared his intention to become a professional magician. Rejecting their hopes for a doctor or lawyer son, Angel embarked on a career in magic, joining a traveling performance act and studying magic at the local library.


 Criss Angel’s Rock Star Ambitions

In the 1980s, Angel sought to boost his income by venturing into music, creating a Poison-inspired music video with added magic tricks. Undeterred by his parents’ facepalms, he formed the industrial band “Angeldust” in 1998. While his musical ventures have faded, Angel’s determination to be a rock star alongside his magic career remains an interesting chapter in his journey.

In the world of magic, Criss Angel stands out not only for his mind-bending illusions but also for his unconventional journey from a doughnut shop upbringing to a magician who defies secrecy norms. As he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, his untold truths add a fascinating layer to the mystique of this magical maestro.




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