The Tragic Death Of Fred Astaire’s First Wife, Phyllis

The Tragic Death Of Fred Astaire’s First Wife, Phyllis



In the enchanting era of Classic Hollywood, Fred Astaire’s dance routines with Ginger Rogers lit up the Silver Screen with romance. However, beyond the glamour, a poignant love story unfolded with his first wife, Phyllis Potter. Let’s delve into the tragic tale of Fred Astaire’s early love and the heartbreak that followed.


A Golf Luncheon Sparks Romance

In 1933, amidst the glitz of Hollywood, Fred Astaire’s heart found its match in Phyllis Potter, a charming encounter sparked at a golf luncheon. Their love story began to unfold, coinciding with Astaire’s iconic pairing with Ginger Rogers that same year, as noted by Britannica. Little did the world know that the real-life romance of Fred and Phyllis Astaire was blossoming alongside the magic they created on the screen.


From Socialite to Astaire’s Heart: Phyllis’ Story

Phyllis Baker Potter, later known as Phyllis Astaire, hailed from the socialite circles of New York. The couple, seemingly destined for happiness, celebrated the birth of two children, Fred Jr. and Ava. During this period, Fred Astaire’s cinematic journey soared with beloved films like “Carefree” (1939), where, remarkably, he shared his only on-screen kiss with Ginger Rogers. Astaire’s reel happiness mirrored the joy of his real-life family.


Tragedy Strikes: Phyllis Astaire’s Battle with Cancer

The mid-1950s brought an unexpected twist to the Astaire love story. Fabiosa recounts the heart-wrenching news that Phyllis Astaire succumbed to lung cancer in 1956. Fred Astaire, deeply shattered by the loss, faced the challenge of grief affecting his career. Despite his sorrow, he persevered, completing the filming of “Daddy Long Legs.” At this point, the world wondered if Fred Astaire would forever remain a widower.


A Second Dance of Romance: Robyn Smith Enters Astaire’s Life

In 1980, a glimmer of hope emerged in Fred Astaire’s life when he found love again with Robyn Smith, according to Biography. Robyn, 45 years his junior, brought a new chapter of companionship. The couple enjoyed shared interests like golf and movie nights. Fred Astaire’s second marriage brought a renewed sense of joy, but fate had another turn in store.


The Final Act: Fred Astaire’s Last Dance

Fred Astaire’s second marriage to Robyn Smith endured until his passing in 1987 due to pneumonia. Biography notes that, since then, Robyn Astaire has remained unmarried, dedicating herself to preserving the legacy of her beloved husband. In retrospect, the narrative of Fred Astaire’s two marriages unfolds like a poignant Hollywood script, a tale of love, loss, and the enduring spirit of a legendary dancer.


Remembering Fred and Phyllis Astaire’s Love Story

The love story of Fred Astaire and Phyllis remains etched in the annals of Hollywood’s romantic history. Despite the heartbreak and sorrow, Fred Astaire’s resilience and second chance at love offer a testament to the enduring human spirit. Perhaps, one day, the silver screen will weave the tale of Fred Astaire’s love and loss, ensuring that their story lives on in the hearts of those who appreciate the magic of timeless romance.




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