In 1965, renowned composer Burt Bacharach entered a whirlwind romance with actress Angie Dickinson, culminating in their marriage after just 10 weeks. Their union brought forth a daughter named Lea Nikki Bacharach in 1966. However, Nikki’s early days were marked by a premature birth, leading to a delicate start in an incubator for her first three months. This beginning cast a shadow, as poor eyesight and delayed speech became part of her early struggles. As she grew, behavioral difficulties and frustration further shaped her journey.


An Unseen Battle: Asperger’s Syndrome Emerges

Nikki’s challenges intensified over time, prompting Burt to express his love and concern through a poignant song aptly titled “Nikki.” Despite their separation in 1976, both parents remained unaware of Nikki’s silent struggle with Asperger’s syndrome, a condition not widely understood in the 1970s. It wasn’t until the 2000s, during adulthood, that Nikki received a proper diagnosis. Asperger’s, a form of autism, brings its own set of hurdles including social interaction difficulties, heightened sensitivity, and bouts of depression. Angie Dickinson poignantly shared, “She [Nikki] still simply couldn’t cope.”


A Tragic Farewell: Nikki’s Painful Goodbye

In early January 2007, the world learned of a heart-wrenching loss as Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickinson announced the passing of their beloved daughter, Nikki. At 40 years old, Nikki chose to find solace from the relentless toll of Asperger’s on her mind. With a heavy heart, Burt and Dickinson revealed that Nikki had peacefully bid farewell, using a plastic bag and helium in her Thousand Oaks, California apartment. In their statement, they described her as a beautiful soul now at peace in the ethereal light.


Honoring Nikki’s Memory: A Glimpse into Her World

In their tribute, Burt and Dickinson painted a vivid picture of Nikki’s passions, celebrating her love for feline companions, natural wonders like earthquakes and meteor showers, and a deep fascination with science. They also noted her affinity for the serene beauty of Tahiti and the tranquil embrace of blue skies and sunsets. Angie Dickinson later shared an intimate glimpse into Nikki’s final months, revealing conversations about the book “Final Exit” and Nikki’s contemplations on assisted suicide. Reflecting on their last Christmas together, Dickinson believes Nikki found comfort in knowing her journey would soon reach its peaceful conclusion.


Conclusion: Nikki’s Legacy of Resilience

Lea Nikki Bacharach’s story is a poignant reminder of the resilience that resides within us all, even in the face of profound challenges. Her journey, marked by love, understanding, and ultimately, a heartbreaking farewell, serves as an inspiration to cherish every moment and seek empathy for those fighting silent battles.




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