Between the spring of 2014 and the summer of 2015, a string of unsettling events cast a shadow over Chillicothe, Ohio. During these 14 months, several women vanished without a trace. Tragically, four of them were later discovered lifeless, bearing signs of violence. The remaining two, however, vanished without a trace, leaving behind a chilling mystery.


The Enigma of the Chillicothe Six

In the midst of this harrowing ordeal, the term “Chillicothe Six” emerged, encapsulating the collective struggle of these women. While justice was eventually served for the last victim, her assailant was not connected to the other five cases. Their disappearances remain hauntingly unresolved, haunting the community to this day.


A Deeper Gaze: Unearthing the Rural Challenges

Zooming out, these grim events illuminated the deep-seated challenges confronting rural communities at that time. Ross County, much like other rural Ohio regions, grappled with the throes of an addiction epidemic. Regrettably, some of the Chillicothe Six, ensnared in this cycle of addiction, turned to sex work. This desperate path inadvertently provided a predator with an abundant pool of victims, thriving in an environment where accountability seemed elusive.


Meet the Women: Lost but Not Forgotten

  1. Charlotte Trego: The First to Vanish Charlotte Trego, a mother of two, grappled with a heroin addiction and had ties to sex work. Her world went eerily silent in May 2014, and to this day, her whereabouts remain an unsolved enigma.
  2. Tameka Lynch: A Friend in Tragedy Tameka Lynch, a close associate of Trego’s, went missing on May 3, 2014. Three weeks later, kayakers made a grim discovery. While an autopsy leaned towards a drug overdose, Lynch’s family harbors suspicions of darker forces at play.
  3. Wanda Lemons: Lost in the Shadows November 2014 marked the inexplicable disappearance of Wanda Lemons. Even as October 2020 arrived, her absence loomed, a disquieting testament to the unresolved mysteries of that fateful time.
  4. Shasta Himelrick: A Heart-Wrenching Christmas On Christmas Day of 2014, Shasta Himelrick vanished, leaving a void that would never be filled. Days later, her lifeless form surfaced in the icy Scioto River. Though her passing was deemed a suicide, her kin maintain their belief in a darker truth.
  5. Tiffany Sayre: Lost and Found in the Creek May 2015 bore witness to the disappearance of Tiffany Sayre. Weeks later, her body was discovered in a creek, shrouded in a somber sheet, casting a pall of sorrow over the community.
  6. Timberly Claytor: A Life Cut Short Timberly Claytor met a tragic end, her lifeless body discovered near a vacant structure, forever silenced by a fatal gunshot wound.

These women, forever etched in the annals of Chillicothe’s history, stand as a poignant reminder of the mysteries that continue to elude our grasp.


Conclusion: Unanswered Questions, Lingering Grief

The saga of the Chillicothe Six persists as a haunting testament to the enduring mysteries of our world. Despite the passage of time, the questions surrounding their fates remain unanswered, leaving behind a community forever touched by their absence. In the quiet corners of Chillicothe, their stories echo, imploring us to seek the truth.




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