Shandon Floyd Found Dead On Two Notch Road, Columbia

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Shandon Floyd

Shandon Floyd Found Dead

Shandon Floyd, a lady who was reported missing last week, died mysteriously, and the Richland County Sheriff’s Department is currently looking into the incident. Just before midnight on Tuesday, authorities in the northeastern Richland County area of the 10000 block of Two Notch Road found Floyd alone and lifeless. On November 9, a friend reported Shandon Floyd missing, according to deputies. According to the acquaintance, Floyd had taken his automobile at about three in the morning and had not returned by seven fifteen that same evening. According to an incident report submitted by the sheriff’s office, Floyd and her friend were both from Florence and were lodging at the Roadway Inn at 31 Berkshire Drive while in Columbia.

Shandon Floyd dead body found

Concern was raised by the fact that all calls to Floyd went straight to voicemail, making it difficult for the attending constable to get in touch with Floyd. There are no obvious indicators of foul play at this time from the preliminary inspection of Floyd’s body. A complete autopsy will be performed by the Richland County Coroner’s Office to determine the cause of her tragic death. It is expected that the autopsy report would shed more light on the events that preceded Shandon Floyd’s death. The case is still being actively investigated by the authorities, who are dedicated to learning the truth about Shandon Floyd’s premature death.

Floyd’s mother, Amecil Floyd, begged for assistance in finding her, stating that she was last seen on November 8. “I just want my baby home. I’ve been pleading with someone since Wednesday, please help me find my baby,” she cried. “I want my baby,” Floyd stated that she thinks the lawsuit is proceeding slowly because her daughter is transgender and because of her sexual orientation. Family members said Shandon was sleeping at the Rodeway Inn motel on Berkshire Drive with pals while on a vacation to Columbia from Mullins.

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