Paul Boukadakis: Meet The Man Who Stole Ana De Armas’ Heart

Paul Boukadakis: Meet The Man Who Stole Ana De Armas’ Heart



Hollywood’s rising star, Ana de Armas, made headlines with her romantic escapades, particularly her link with Paul Boukadakis, the CEO of Tinder. Their relationship, which started around June 2021, has been veiled in mystery, leaving much of their love life hidden from the public eye.


Ana de Armas: A Rising Star’s Journey

Originating from Cuba, Ana de Armas embarked on her acting career early on. With roles in various movies like “Knock Knock” and “No Time to Die,” she rapidly climbed the ladder of fame. Her Golden Globe nomination for “Knives Out” catapulted her into Hollywood’s A-list. Scheduled to grace the screens in Netflix’s “The Grey Man” and “Blonde,” she’s poised for more success in 2022.


Love and Profession: The Ben Affleck Chapter

De Armas was previously married to actor Ben Affleck. Their high-profile relationship faced intense media scrutiny, resulting in its demise in January 2021 after a year together. De Armas highlighted the intrusive attention in an interview, expressing how it influenced her decision to step away from Los Angeles.


Origins in Oklahoma

Paul Boukadakis hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, as per a 2016 Entrepreneur interview. Raised in the heart of the Midwest, he attended Bishop Kelley High School, reflecting his rooted connection to his upbringing.


Tech Entrepreneur and CEO

Boukadakis’s journey ventured into the tech world, co-founding the video-sharing app, Wheel. His entrepreneurial spirit soared as he aimed to introduce innovative ideas back into his hometown and the Midwest, showcasing his commitment to his origins.


A Connection Beyond Borders

While the specifics of Boukadakis and de Armas’ relationship remain guarded, the bond between this tech enthusiast from Tulsa and the Cuban-born Hollywood sensation hints at a connection that transcends geographical boundaries.


A Private Affair

The romance between Ana de Armas and Paul Boukadakis remains a subject of curiosity, with limited details emerging about their journey together. Despite their fame, the couple seems to cherish their privacy, keeping the inner workings of their relationship under wraps.




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