Movies Like Crush You Can Watch On A Date Night

Movies Like Crush You Can Watch On A Date Night



Sammi Cohen’s ‘Crush’ portrays a heartfelt coming-of-age story available on Hulu. The film follows Paige, a high school student, who develops feelings for her classmate Gabriela while inadvertently falling for her twin sister AJ. As Paige navigates her emotions, unexpected events challenge her love life and aspirations for art school.


A Glimpse into Adolescent Love

‘Crush’ beautifully captures the complexities of teenage romance and friendships. With its blend of comedy, relatable characters, and a fresh perspective on LGTBTQ+ relationships, the film resonates with viewers seeking authentic portrayals of love and identity.


Movies to Watch on Date Night

If you enjoyed the heartfelt journey of ‘Crush,’ here are seven delightful movies perfect for a cozy date night, offering a similar vibe and relatable narratives. Most of these films are accessible on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.


1. “The Half of It”

A Netflix original, “The Half of It,” follows the story of a shy student hired by a fellow peer to write love letters, leading to unexpected connections and discoveries about love and friendship.


2. “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

This romantic comedy, available on Netflix, revolves around a high school girl whose secret love letters are unexpectedly sent to her crushes, leading to amusing and heartwarming situations.


3. “Love, Simon”

“Love, Simon,” streaming on Hulu, portrays the story of Simon, a high schooler dealing with his identity while navigating friendships and first love, offering a heartfelt take on coming out.


4. “Booksmart”

Available on Amazon Prime, “Booksmart” follows two academic achievers who embark on a wild night of adventure before graduating high school, exploring themes of friendship and self-discovery.


5. “The Edge of Seventeen”

This coming-of-age film, on Netflix, revolves around Nadine, a high schooler navigating the complexities of adolescence and friendships while finding her place in the world.


Conclusion: Cozy Movie Nights Await

In conclusion, if ‘Crush’ left you yearning for more heartfelt stories, these seven movies promise delightful evenings filled with relatable tales of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Embrace these cinematic journeys for a cozy and enjoyable date night experience!

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