Miss Universe Judge: Is Emily Austin Transgender? Video And Photos Gone Viral

Miss Universe Judge: Is Emily Austin Transgender? Video And Photos Gone Viral

Is Emily Austin transgender? The former Miss Universe judge’s gender identity sparked curiosity after she argued that transwomen should not be allowed in the beauty pageant.

Emily Austin is a renowned American journalist, model, actress, social media influencer, and independent NBA broadcaster.

The United States native was a judge at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant.

The former Miss Universe judge has been making buzz recently after she expressed her criticism of the Miss Universe organization for allowing transgender contestants.

Meanwhile, there has been much concern about Emily Austin’s gender identity. Find out more below.

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Is Emily Austin Transgender? Gender Identity Revealed

No, Emily Austin is not transgender. She is a cisgender woman born to Israeli parents and grew up on Long Island.

Emily Austin Transgender
Former Miss Universe judge Emily Austin is not a transgender but cisgender woman. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

The journalist was a judge at the Miss Universe 2022 pageant owned by Anne Jakrajutatip, a billionaire and transgender woman from Thailand.

Furthermore, Austin recently criticized the Miss Universe organization for accepting participants who identify as transgender.

With a transgender owner, the journalist argued that it was “an oxymoron” and “morally wrong” to preach “bring the power back to women.”

Following her remark, the former beauty pageant judge has been making headlines. The question of whether trans women should compete in beauty pageants is a subject of heated discussion.

In the meantime, some individuals appear to have been perplexed and believe Emily Austin to be a transgender lady. But it is false. She is a woman of cisgender.

Emily Austin: Trans Women Should Not Be Allowed in Miss Universe

As mentioned above, Emily Austin has been making headlines after she expressed her criticism of the Miss Universe organization for allowing transgender participants.

According to the former Miss Universe judge, it is “morally wrong” and “an oxymoron” to preach “bring the power back to women” with a transgender owner at the organization.

Emily Austin Transgender
The owner of the Miss Universe Organization, Anne Jakrajutatip (pictured above), is a transgender woman. (Image Source: NDTV)

The American journalist’s remark sparked massive outrage among many people who found it transphobic, insensitive, and ignorant, facing a lot of criticism and backlash online.

In a recent appearance on the Fox Business Varney & Co. talk show, the 2022 Miss Universe judge shared thoughts on the recent developments within the organization.

Anne Jakrajutatip, a Thai media mogul, billionaire, and transgender woman, acquired the rights to Miss Universe, Miss USA, as well as Miss Teen USA for $20 million from IMG Media in 2022.

Austin expressed concerns about Jakrajutatip’s company facing financial issues while criticizing the move on social and moral grounds, stating that people are becoming increasingly aware of these concerns.

This year’s pageant is historic as it welcomes two transgender contestants, Miss Portugal and Miss Netherlands.

However, during the interview, the journalist strongly opposed the inclusion of trans women in beauty pageants, arguing that it contradicts women’s empowerment.

Emily emphasized her belief that allowing individuals who transitioned from biological male to female to participate in such industries undermines the essence of empowerment for women.

In addition, she highlighted the importance of a contestant’s interview in the Miss Universe event, suggesting that a transgender woman’s life experiences might not align with those of a biological woman.

Austin expressed skepticism about the “feminine story” of men who transitioned, citing examples such as not experiencing period cramps or walking a stage during menstruation as defining aspects of femininity.

Emily Austin firmly advocated for maintaining boundaries in women’s industries, urging transgender individuals not to invade these spaces.

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