Is Galey Alix Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

Is Galey Alix Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?



Galey Alix, the talented interior designer and reality TV star, has won hearts with her captivating show “Home in a Heartbeat.” While she transforms homes on HGTV, fans can’t help but wonder about her love life. Let’s unravel the details about Galey’s age, background, past relationships, and her current boyfriend, Dale Moss.


Galey Alix’s Age and Journey:

At 29, Galey Alix emerged as a social media sensation before her HGTV debut. Hailing from Connecticut, she made her mark at the University of Florida, earning a summa cum laude degree while excelling in sports. Galey’s journey involved overcoming eating issues, finding solace in DIY, and eventually showcasing her flair for design on national television.


Galey Alix’s Past Engagement:

Wiley Cerilli, a businessman, was once engaged to Galey Alix. However, their relationship faced turbulence when Galey opened up about her eating disorder. Unfortunately, Wiley’s response was less than supportive, leading to a heartbreaking breakup. Galey’s resilience and strength shone through as she navigated through health challenges and the end of her engagement.


Galey Alix’s Present Love Story:

In a heartwarming twist, Galey found love again with Dale Moss, a familiar face from “The Bachelorette” Season 16. Dale posted a touching video on Instagram, celebrating Galey’s birthday on November 2, 2022. The couple shares delightful moments, from cooking together to playing with their pets. Dale, a former football player, was previously married to Clare Crawley.


Galey and Dale: A Power Couple:

For over a year, Galey and Dale have been a formidable duo, showcasing genuine love and unwavering support for each other. Their journey, documented on social media, reflects shared joy, projects, and a deep connection. With Dale by her side, Galey embraces her dreams fearlessly, creating a sense of home and happiness.



Galey Alix’s journey, marked by triumphs and challenges, has led her to a place of love and companionship with Dale Moss. From her early social media days to the bright lights of HGTV, Galey’s story resonates with many. As she continues her design ventures and enjoys the bliss of love, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapters in Galey Alix’s captivating life.




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