Harris Todd: Where Is Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Ex-Husband Now?

Harris Todd: Where Is Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Ex-Husband Now?



Harris Todd, formerly known as Benjamin Harris Todd III, crossed paths with Dorothy Lee Barnett, a flight attendant, while working as a stockbroker. Initially seen as a Southern gentleman with a penchant for poetry, their story was far from a fairy tale. Their bond, as described by Dorothy, evolved from friendship over time. However, after five years, Harris proposed to Dorothy, expressing that she made him feel remarkably different.


A Marriage with Stark Contrasts

Despite marked differences that concerned their friends, they married against the advice of those close to them. Patty Roth, Dorothy’s friend, highlighted their contrasting personalities and divergent life aspirations. Harris, more reserved, clashed with Dorothy’s outgoing nature. The essence of their strife stemmed from disagreements surrounding parenthood desires, a crucial turning point in their relationship.


Conflicting Narratives

Pivotal marital disputes surfaced when Dorothy revealed her pregnancy, a revelation that clashed with Harris’s stance of never wanting children. Amidst their differences, accusations swirled. Harris attributed their discord to Dorothy’s purported bad temper, while a psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Bjorksten, characterized her with a disposition prone to blame and quick temper flares, heightening their confrontations.


Turmoil and Custody Battles

The turbulence escalated into violent altercations, leading the couple to seek professional help through marriage counseling. Their protracted legal battle over custody of their daughter, Savanna, culminated in Harris securing custody on February 18, 1994, after the divorce proceedings. This marked a significant turning point, establishing a new phase for Harris Todd.


Present-Day Whereabouts

As of recent records, Harris Todd has largely maintained a low profile. His journey, encapsulated by the quest to find his daughter, Savanna, resurfaced after more than two decades, spotlighting the deeply entrenched emotional upheavals that have shaped his life.

Harris Todd’s current whereabouts remain elusive, drawing minimal public attention post the custody battle. While the past had thrust him into a spotlight of legal battles and emotional turmoil, Harris seems to have retreated from the public eye, leading a life away from the limelight that once enveloped his tumultuous journey with Dorothy Lee Barnett.




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