Dilleen Hempel’s Murder: A Tragic Story Of Love And Betrayal

Dilleen Hempel’s Murder: A Tragic Story Of Love And Betrayal



Explore the heart-wrenching story of Dilleen Hempel, a young Canadian server whose life took a tragic turn in 1992. This real-life crime narrative, discussed in a Crime Beat Podcast episode, delves into the twists and turns surrounding Dilleen’s murder. Let’s unravel the details of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of justice that followed.


Vanishing Without a Trace:

In November 1992, Dilleen, a vivacious 26-year-old waitress, vanished mysteriously after finishing her night shift at Confetti’s Restaurant and Bar in Calgary. Her blue car was the last trace of her, found near the crossroads of Highway #1 and Highway #9. Dilleen’s worried family reported her missing when she failed to return home that fateful night. Little did they know, this would lead to a five-month search filled with heartache.


The Charming “Tinker”:

Born in 1966, Dilleen, lovingly nicknamed “Tinker” after the fairy tale character Tinker Bell, was adored by friends and family. Her infectious charm and love for laughter left a lasting impression. In 1992, Dilleen, now married to Troy, made Dalroy their home. Tragically, her life took an unexpected turn on November 17, 1992, when she vanished, leaving her loved ones in agony.


A Sister’s Relentless Search:

Jilleen Kosko, Dilleen’s sister, became a driving force in the search for her missing sibling. Spending nights parked where Dilleen’s car was found, Jilleen risked her safety, hoping to draw clues. The disappearance puzzled everyone until whispers of Steven Roy Beirnes, a man boasting about Dilleen’s murder, surfaced. Steven, born in 1963, had a troubled past marked by abuse and a life of crime.


The Shocking Confession:

Undercover Canadian Mounties befriended Steven, leading to a chilling confession during a fake celebration of a cocaine deal. Steven admitted to killing Dilleen after consuming eight one-liter jugs of tequila paralyzers. His motive remained unclear, but he claimed it was linked to a bank heist. Dilleen, according to Steven, knew too much about their alleged criminal activities.


Steven Beirnes: A Troubled Past:

Steven’s criminal history dated back to 1980, with charges ranging from drug trafficking to evading arrest. In 1994, he received a life sentence for the first-degree murder of Dilleen. Even behind bars, Steven’s troubling actions continued. He allegedly tried to manipulate his family into blaming his brother for the murder and even plotted harm against his closest friends.


A Tragic End:

In 2005, Steven Beirnes, aged 40, took his own life while incarcerated. His suicide left unanswered questions, leaving Dilleen’s sister Jilleen to hope it was driven by remorse. The tale of Dilleen Hempel’s murder remains a poignant reminder of the darkness that can unfold in unsuspecting lives.



Dilleen Hempel’s life was cut short by a heartless act, leaving scars on those who loved her. The echoes of her tragic tale linger, reminding us of the importance of seeking justice and cherishing the memories of those lost to senseless violence. The podcast episode sheds light on the intricate web of events that unfolded, serving as a tribute to a life gone too soon.




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