Who was Sean Hughes, suspect in fatal shooting of 14-year-old boy at Bensalem?

The thought shooter in the Bensalem Halloween shooting that left a 14-year-old kid dead has died from a self-caused gunfire wound
Bensalem Municipality police said they had recognized 19-year-old Sean Hughes, from Morrisville, as an individual of interest
Snyder Center School understudy Pietro “Peter” Romano was killed when gunfire rang out during a huge battle

Police have declared that the thought shooter in the shocking Bensalem Halloween shooting, which killed a 14-year-old kid, has died from a self-caused discharge wound.

Who was Sean Hughes?

Bensalem Municipality specialists uncovered that they had distinguished 19-year-old Sean Hughes from Morrisville as an individual of interest for the situation.

The shooting happened on Halloween night, around 7:35 p.m., nearby Bristol Pike and Woodbine Road. Unfortunately, Snyder Center School understudy Pietro “Peter” Romano lost his life when gunfire emitted during a huge quarrel.

During the occurrence, the aggressor started shooting at a horde of individuals, bringing about 14-year-old Romano supporting a deadly discharge twisted to the chest. Two others, matured 17 and 19, were additionally struck by gunfire however are supposed to get by.

The shooter immediately ran away from the area, traveling northward on Bristol Pike subsequent to releasing roughly twelve shots. The vehicle utilized in the shooting was recognized as a dark 2014 Hyundai Elantra with the Pennsylvania tag JHF-2866. It was resolved that the vehicle had been taken from Bristol Municipality and was marked as a lawful offense vehicle in the Public Criminal Knowledge Community.

On an ensuing day, policing Marysville, Ohio, detected the vehicle utilizing a tag peruser and endeavored to stop it. The driver, Sean Hughes, didn’t consent, prompting a police pursuit. At the point when Hughes was in the long run found, he was found to have died from an obvious self-caused discharge wound.

The specialists are as yet attempting to decide whether the shooter was straightforwardly engaged with the huge quarrel on Halloween night. Bensalem police have guaranteed the local area that they will proceed with their examination to distinguish some other potential suspects associated with the wrongdoing, incorporating those related with the vehicle utilized in the shooting. They likewise forewarned against vigilante activities, accentuating the significance of permitting the lawful interaction to unfurl.

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