Who Is Christina Riggs? Oklahoma Nurse Who Killed Her 2 Children

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Oklahoma nurse who killed her 2 children

Who Is Christina Riggs?

Before a mother was put to death by lethal injection for taking her children’s lives, she said a few painful words. Nurse Christina Marie Riggs was executed in Arkansas in May 2000, having just been on death row for three years. She had attempted suicide but was unable to end her life after being found guilty three years prior of killing her children. She said, “Now I can be with my babies, as I always intended,” and added, “There are no words to express how sorry I am for taking the lives of my babies,” as reported by The Mirror.

Who Is Christina Riggs?

At the age of 28, Riggs was the youngest woman to be executed and the 18th woman in the United States to be executed for her heinous crime. It was the first female execution in Arkansas since the state’s founding in 1845. She strangled and gave potassium chloride injections to her two children, Shelby Alexis, age two, and Justin, age five. Later, Riggs took a large antidepressant overdose and wrote a suicide note. The mother first stated that she fell into a profound state of melancholy as a result of the stress she had while working as a nurse following the Oklahoma bombing in 1995.

The Veterans Affairs hospital refuted her mother’s assertion that Riggs was employed at the explosion site, stating that she was compensated extra for working at another hospital on the same day. Because Riggs was insane when she committed the crimes, her solicitors claimed that she was innocent. On the other hand, prosecutors maintained that the killings were planned. In 1999, Riggs said to the Arkansas Times, “There are moments when I can’t even think about them. It feels like they’re being taken from me again.” It was discovered that Riggs had been sexually abused by her brother when she was a child, aged seven to thirteen, while she was incarcerated. She also claimed that when she was a teenager, a neighbour had mistreated her.

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