Who Is Ady Barkan Wife Rachael King? Daughter Willow And Son Carl

Who Is Ady Barkan Wife Rachael King? Daughter Willow And Son Carl

Ady Barkan wife, Rachael King, announced his passing on Twitter with a heartfelt message. The couple had been married for 18 years.

Ady Barkan was a prominent American lawyer and activist who dedicated his life to advocating for universal healthcare and social justice.

Despite being diagnosed with ALS, a terminal neurodegenerative disease, in 2016, he fearlessly used his voice and platform to champion the rights of individuals with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Tragically, after a seven-year battle with his terminal illness, Barkan passed away. His wife made the heartbreaking announcement of his passing on 01 November 2023.

In the wake of this loss, there has been a surge of interest in Ady Barkan’s personal life and family.

Ady was not only a tireless advocate but also a loving family man, survived by his devoted wife and their two adorable children.

Get to know the prominent healthcare activist’s wife and children in today’s piece.

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Who Is Ady Barkan Wife Rachael King?

Rachael Scarborough King, Ady Barkan’s beloved wife, is a distinguished English literature professor at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

Ady Barkan wife
Ady Barkan wife, Rachael King, had been married to him for 18 years. (Image Source: The US Sun)

Rachael’s academic journey began during her undergraduate years at Columbia University, where she completed her B.A. in comparative literature and society.

It was during this period that Rachael and Ady’s paths first crossed.

The smitten pair were in their early 20s, marking the beginning of their profound connection, which eventually led to marriage in 2015.

Rachael’s commitment to academia continued as she pursued a Ph.D. in English and American Literature, successfully earning her degree at New York University in 2014.

Besides her role as a professor, Rachael is an accomplished author and editor. Before returning to academia, she embarked on a career in journalism.

Her journalistic endeavours included working as a reporter at The Anniston Star in Alabama in 2006, followed by roles as a staff reporter at The Bend Bulletin in Oregon and The New Haven Register in Connecticut from 2007 to 2009.

Among her notable published works are “Writing To The World” and “After Print: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Cultures.”

Ady Barkan wife’s impressive background reflects her dedication to both education and communication.

Ady Barkan Children With Rachael King: Daughter Willow And Son Carl

Rachael and Ady Barkan’s love story blossomed not only through their shared activism but also through the joys of parenthood.

Together, they welcomed two children into their lives: a son, Carl, and a daughter, Willow.

Ady Barkan wife
Ady Barkan welcomed two children with his wife, Rachael King. (Image Source: Brain&Life)

The Barkan-King couple’s son, Carl, came into the world in 2016, a mere four months before Ady’s life-altering ALS diagnosis.

Despite the challenges that the disease brought into their lives, their family continued to grow.

In 2019, they joyfully welcomed their daughter, Willow. The Barkan family called Santa Barbara, California, their home, where they created cherished memories together.

After Ady Barkan’s passing, Rachael expressed her gratitude towards the “incredible caregivers” who supported them and enabled them to remain a close-knit family throughout her husband’s health challenges.

The unwavering strength and unity of the Barkan family serve as a testament to the enduring love between Ady and Rachael and the resilience they displayed in the face of adversity.

Ady Barkan’s legacy, both as an advocate and a family man, will continue to inspire many. His tireless efforts for universal healthcare and social justice leave a lasting impact.

The prominent liberal activist’s memory lives on through his wife, Rachael King, and their two beautiful children, Carl and Willow.

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