The Real Reason Simon And Garfunkel Broke Up

The Real Reason Simon And Garfunkel Broke Up



Simon and Garfunkel, the legendary duo behind timeless tunes like “The Sound of Silence” and “Bridge over Troubled Water,” once stood shoulder to shoulder in the music spotlight. However, the echoes of their breakup in 1970 still reverberate through the annals of music history. Let’s delve into the real reasons behind the split and the journey of two childhood friends turned iconic musicians.


The Early Harmony:

Childhood friends since fourth grade, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s musical journey began with their first song, “The Girl for Me,” at the age of 13. As Tom and Jerry, they saw early success with “Hey Schoolgirl” in 1957. Despite their early triumphs, the duo faced challenges, with friendship faltering during periods of fewer hits, according to Garfunkel.


Resilient Reconnection:

After a brief hiatus, Simon and Garfunkel reunited and soared to new heights in 1966 with the chart-topping “The Sound of Silence” and the iconic “Mrs. Robinson” in 1968. Yet, despite the applause from fans, personal tensions and diverging aspirations would soon cast a shadow on their harmonious collaboration.


Strains Beneath the Surface:

Resentment brewed early on, with Paul Simon feeling overshadowed by Artie’s spotlight as the featured singer, while Garfunkel recognized Simon’s control over their musical destiny. These underlying strains hinted at the fragility of their partnership, even amid their chart-topping success.


The Movie Role That Broke the Duet:

The turning point arrived when both pursued roles in Mike Nichols’ film “Catch-22” (1970). While Simon’s part was cut, Garfunkel moved on to star in “Carnal Knowledge” without informing Simon. This marked the breaking point, as Simon expressed his frustration, realizing that their paths were diverging.


Echoes of Past Betrayals:

Interestingly, this wasn’t the first instance of a solo venture causing discord. In 1957, Simon recorded solo tracks without Garfunkel’s knowledge, causing hurt feelings. This historical precedent played a role in Simon’s decision to walk away from the duo in 1970.


Garfunkel’s Reflections and Open Doors:

Art Garfunkel, in a 2015 interview, expressed disbelief at Simon’s decision to end the successful partnership. Despite parting shots at Simon’s stature, Garfunkel left the door open for a reunion, emphasizing the duo’s pinnacle position in the music world.


The Fractured Reunions:

Post-1970, the duo reunited sporadically, including a 1981 Central Park concert and a 2002 Grammy Awards performance. However, their relationship remained strained. Attempts at a 2010 tour were thwarted by Garfunkel’s vocal cord issues.


Unrealized Reunion Dreams:

Fans held onto hopes of a final reunion during Simon’s farewell tour in 2018. However, despite the collective desire for a harmonious comeback, Simon proceeded without Garfunkel, leaving audiences yearning for a reunion that never materialized.



Simon and Garfunkel’s breakup, rooted in a mix of personal tensions, diverging ambitions, and a history of solo pursuits, marked the end of an era. While brief reunions provided glimpses of their former magic, the duo’s inability to fully bridge the gaps reminds us of the complexities that can accompany musical brilliance. The echoes of their unforgettable melodies endure, leaving fans to ponder the “what-ifs” of a truly harmonious reunion.



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