Snapchat Message Icons Decoded: Understanding the Flashing Delivered Sign and Other Message Icons

Snapchat Message Icons Decoded: Understanding the Flashing Delivered Sign and Other Message Icons



Snapchat, the app where messages disappear like magic, keeps secrets in its little icons. These icons, like tiny pictures, tell you what’s happening with your messages. Here’s the lowdown on what those flashing signs really mean.


What Makes Snapchat So Popular?

Snapchat is the cool kid in town, started by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. It’s got almost 300 million people hanging out there every day! But some folks, especially parents, worry about privacy because Snapchat is so different from regular texting.


Cracking the Code: “Delivered” Sign

When you see “Delivered” light up, it means your message reached your friend’s phone safe and sound. It’s like a delivery truck dropping off your package. You know it got there, but your friend hasn’t opened it yet.


The Mysterious Icons

These icons are like secret handshakes between you and your friend:

  1. Red Solid Arrow: You sent a silent Snap, and your friend hasn’t checked it out yet.
  2. Red Unfilled Arrow: Your friend opened your silent Snap.
  3. Red Solid Square: Your friend sent a silent Snap, and you haven’t peeked.
  4. Red Unfilled Square: Your friend saw your silent Snap.
  5. Red Double Unfilled Arrows: Your friend took a sneaky screenshot of your silent Snap.
  6. Red Circle with Arrowhead: Your friend hit the replay button on your silent Snap.

And it’s not just silent Snaps; there are purple ones for Snaps with sound, blue for Chat messages, and even gray for pending messages.


Making Chat Fun

Snapchat isn’t just about sending messages; it’s a whole playground! You can take silly pictures, add funky filters, and even draw on them before sending them off. These can be private, or you can show them off in your Story for 24 hours.


Snapchat: More Than Just Messaging

This app is a bag full of surprises! You can explore “Discover” for cool stuff, use the “Snap Map” to share your location, and there are always new features popping up, like “Chat 2.0.” And don’t worry; they take your privacy seriously!



So, when you see that little “Delivered,” it means your message is in the right place. But Snapchat isn’t just about messaging; it’s about fun filters, cool features, and keeping your chats private if you want. It’s a whole world inside your phone!



Q: Is Snapchat safe?

A: Yup, they’ve got your back. Snapchat makes sure your stuff stays safe and private.

Q: Can I share my Snaps and chats with just a few friends?

A: Absolutely! You can pick who gets to see your cool Snaps and messages.

Q: Can I show off my Snaps and stories to everyone?

A: Yep, there’s a cool feature called “Our Stories” where you can share your stuff with everyone on Snapchat.



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