Rob Gomez Wife: Is He Married To His Fiancee Shaila Rebortera? Daughter Amelia

Rob Gomez Wife: Is He Married To His Fiancee Shaila Rebortera? Daughter Amelia

Who is Rob Gomez wife? Discover the truth about the Filipino actor’s love life – Is he married to former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera?

Rob Gomez is a multi-talented Filipino actor, singer, dancer, and host. Hailing from the esteemed Ejercito-Estrada clan, known for its significant presence in Philippine politics and the entertainment industry.

His lineage boasts illustrious names like his mother, former actress Kate Gomez, and his uncle, actor Gary Estrada. Currently, Rob Gomez graces the screen as part of the cast of the GMA Afternoon Prime series “Magandang Dilag.”

However, recent headlines have cast a shadow over his personal life, as the actor finds himself entangled in a web of complicated issues.

This has left many wondering about his marital status and relationship with Shaila Rebortera. Also, there’s a surprise revelation regarding a new addition to the family. Explore more below.

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Who Is Rob Gomez Wife? Is He Married To His Fiancee Shaila Rebortera?

The answer is a resounding “No.” Shaila Rebortera is no longer Rob Gomez’s fiancee; she has transitioned to the role of his ex-partner.

Rob Gomez Wife
Rob Gomez and Shaila Rebortera parted their ways in August 2023. (Image Source: Rappler)

The end of their relationship came in the wake of serious allegations leveled by the Miss Multinational Philippines 2021 herself.

Shaila accused Rob of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, in addition to alleging infidelity with other women.

After a year of silence, she courageously shared her painful truth in an Instagram post on 13 August 2023.

Furthermore, the former beauty pageant claimed that she wasn’t alone in her ordeal, as other women reportedly reached out to her, detailing their own experiences of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse at the hands of Rob.

Moreover, Rebortera went on to reveal a disturbing request from Rob’s mother, Kate Gomez, asking her to apologize in exchange for the privilege of continuing to live with them.

In light of these circumstances, Shaila made the difficult decision to leave the relationship.

Rob Gomez directly said sorry to Shaila on Instagram, though he didn’t admit to the allegations of abuse.

The actor has also stated that he knows that he has no right to ask for Shaila’s forgiveness, but he hopes that she can find it in her heart to give him another chance to make things right.

According to Rob, he is ready to do everything so that he and Shaila can get back together.

Meet Rob Gomez Daughter Amelia With Shaila Rebortera

In a surprising revelation on 4 August 2023, Shaila Rebortera disclosed that she and Rob shared that they welcomed their first child, Amelia, in early 2023.

Rob Gomez Wife
Rob Gomez and Shaila Rebortera have an adorable daughter, Amelia, born in early 2023. (Image Source: Instagram)

She candidly shared photos of herself, Rob, and the adorable baby girl, explaining that she had been told to wait for the “perfect time” to introduce Amelia to the public.

For over a year, she had longed to reveal her beloved daughter to the world. After this, Rob Gomez, too, expressed his apologies for concealing his relationship with Shaila.

On 27 August, the actor shared a heartwarming collection of photos featuring himself, the former beauty queen, Shaila Rebortera, and their daughter, Amelia.

In his caption, he declared Amelia as his reason for everything, showering her with affectionate words of love and devotion.

The actor also apologized to his family for the confusion surrounding his relationship status and promised to keep his commitments this time, expressing his profound love for them.

In a previous interview on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” Rob had stated that he was single but had someone in his life, hinting at the complexities of his personal life.

In conclusion, Rob Gomez’s personal life has become a subject of intense scrutiny and controversy as he navigates the challenges of a failed engagement and allegations of misconduct.

Amidst these tumultuous times, a shining light emerges in the form of his daughter, Amelia, a testament to the complex tapestry of life that Rob Gomez finds himself woven into.

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