Mount Marapi Volcano Erupts In Indonesia: 11 Hikers Killed And 3 Missing

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Mount Marapi volcano erupts in Indonesia

Mount Marapi Volcano Erupts In Indonesia

Eleven climbers’ remains have been discovered by Indonesian rescuers following the Mount Merapi volcano explosion in West Sumatra. Three climbers were discovered alive atop the volcano, according to a rescue official, but at least 12 climbers remained unaccounted for. Another officer estimated that 22 people were missing. According to Jodi Haryawan, a spokesman for the search and rescue team, a minor eruption on Monday caused the search to be briefly suspended due to safety concerns. He told the Reuters news agency, “If we continue searching now, it’s too dangerous.” According to him, 49 climbers were taken out of the area early on Monday, and many of them were receiving burn treatment.

Mount Marapi volcano erupts in Indonesia

Abdul Malik, the chairman of the Padang Search and Rescue Agency, stated in a statement on Sunday that 26 persons have not been evacuated. Of them, 14 have been located; three were found alive and 11 were found dead. As of Saturday, he added, there were seventy-five hikers on the peak. On Sunday, the volcano erupted, sending plumes of white and grey ash across multiple settlements, trapping and wounding climbers. Following the eruption, two climbing routes were closed, and locals living 1.8 miles (or 3 km) from the crater’s mouth were warned to avoid the area due to possible lava, according to Ahmad Rifandi, an official with Indonesia’s Geological Hazard Mitigation Centre and Volcanology and Seismology Department at the Merapi monitoring post.

On Saturday, though, approximately 75 climbers had begun their ascent of the nearly 2,900-meter (9,480-foot) mountain. In Padang, the provincial capital of West Sumatra, more than 160 personnel, including police and military, were sent out to look for them, according to Hari Agustian, an official at the local Search and Rescue Agency. According to initial reports, eight of the people who were saved had burns and one had a fractured limb, he added. The climbers were seen being rescued in a social media video, their faces and hair covered in volcanic dust and rain.

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