Monopoly GO: All Blessed Feast Event Rewards and Task List

Monopoly GO: All Blessed Feast Event Rewards and Task List

Monopoly GO Blessed Feast Celebration

If you’re a fan of the exciting Monopoly Go board game by Scopely, get ready for a special treat – the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event is here! This in-game celebration brings exclusive rewards and introduces a new token for you to unlock. Act fast because the event ends on November 24, 2023.


Monopoly Go: A Global Gaming Sensation

Monopoly Go, the mobile adaptation of the classic board game, launched worldwide on April 11, 2023. It brings the thrill of virtual property transactions, letting players buy, rent, and trade their way to success.


Dive into the Blessed Feast Event

Join the fun of the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event, a three-day celebration extending until the day after Thanksgiving. Earn turkey tokens by landing on specific tiles like GO, two Jail tiles, and Free Parking. Collecting these tokens is essential to unlock various milestones and win exciting prizes.


Tips to Make the Most of the Event

  1. Roll Multipliers: Boost your points using roll multipliers, but use them wisely as they reduce your available dice rolls. Take advantage of daily complimentary rolls to maintain a good balance.
  2. Thanksgiving Partners Event: Alongside the Blessed Feast, enjoy the Thanksgiving Partners event. Play a lively mini-game with friends and earn complimentary in-game assets. Active participation ensures optimal rewards.


Fantastic Rewards Await!

Unlock incredible rewards by reaching event milestones:

  • Milestone 1 (5 points): Get 70 Thanksgiving Partners event tokens.
  • Milestone 2 (10 points): Gain an extra 15 dice rolls.
  • Milestone 3 (10 points): Secure cash rewards.
  • Milestone 4 (10 points): Unlock the Green Sticker pack.
  • Milestone 5 (55 points): Receive an additional 80 dice rolls.
  • Milestone 6 (15 points): Obtain 80 Thanksgiving Partners event tokens.
  • Milestone 7 (20 points): Unlock a 10-Minute Rent Frenzy.
  • Milestone 8 (20 points): Get another Green Sticker pack.
  • Milestone 9 (25 points): Acquire 120 Thanksgiving Partners event tokens.
  • Milestone 10 (150 points): Unlock a massive 200 additional dice rolls.

And that’s just the beginning – as you progress, more exciting prizes like cash rewards, sticker packs, and an exclusive turkey token become accessible.


More Monopoly Go Fun

Explore two additional features during the Blessed Feast Event – the Corn Maze event and Thanksgiving Partners feature. Accumulate dice rolls to enhance your experience. In Monopoly Go, your game piece advances based on dice rolls, with special dice offering extra turns for more money, points, and in-game items.

Various board spaces bring financial gains or bonus turns, like the Community Chest spot. Engage in entertaining mini-games such as Bank Heist and Shut Down for extra fun.

Collect stickers from events, competitions, missions, and gifts to unlock cool prizes. Complete sticker sets for even more rewards and a new game piece in your collection.


Time is Ticking!

Don’t miss out on the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event. Seize this opportunity to unlock exclusive rewards and the new token before the event concludes on November 24, 2023. Get ready for an exhilarating dice-rolling experience and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Monopoly Go!


FAQs – Your Questions Answered

Q: When does the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event conclude?

A: The Blessed Feast Event wraps up after three days, finishing on November 24, 2023.

Q: What’s the purpose of roll multipliers in Monopoly Go?

A: Roll multipliers boost your point earnings, but they come at the cost of reducing your available dice rolls.

Q: Can you highlight additional elements present in Monopoly Go?

A: Beyond the Blessed Feast Event, players can enjoy the Corn Maze event and use the Thanksgiving Partners feature for added excitement


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