Modern Warfare 3: Easy Tier 2 Reaper Mission Completion for Act 2

Modern Warfare 3: Easy Tier 2 Reaper Mission Completion for Act 2



Locating Elusive Orbs in Modern Warfare 3

In the action-packed game Modern Warfare 3, there’s an exciting challenge called the Reaper Mission in Act 2. This mission is all about finding and destroying tricky Harvester orbs while facing a horde of zombies. Completing this task isn’t just about winning rewards but also feeling proud of your gaming skills.


Starting Act 2 – The Mother of Invention

Before starting the Reaper mission, players must finish the Extraction mission in Act 1. This achievement unlocks Act 2, known as The Mother of Invention. Here, players set up Dr. Jansen’s lab and confront the Terminus Outcomes mercenary group led by Zakhaev. The Reaper mission is a crucial part of Act 2, requiring players to collect 15 items from Harvester orbs and destroy three of these elusive entities.


Mission Objectives: What to Achieve

The goals of the Reaper mission are simple:

  1. Collect 15 items from Harvester Orbs.
  2. Destroy 3 Harvester Orbs.

Completing this mission rewards players with the PD Flopper Can Acquisition and 2000 XP. These rewards help players upgrade their weapons, gain more XP, and move closer to the next story mission, “Shepherd.”


Strategies for Success

To ace the Reaper mission, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Keep an eye on Harvester Orbs while exploring the map. They won’t show up right away, and their icons only appear as you explore.
  2. Use your weapons to collect items from the orbs. Once you have 15 items, focus on destroying the three Harvester Orbs.
  3. Stay cautious and focus on staying alive. Zombie interference can be tough, so balance killing orbs and fending off zombies.
  4. Orbs have a lot of health, so precision is key. Successful hits on orbs drop Essence, a valuable resource.
  5. Orbs tend to vanish if left alone. Juggle between killing zombies and damaging orbs to keep them in play until destroyed.


Triumphing in the Reaper Mission

Conquering the Reaper mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Act 2 is thrilling. Though it might take a few tries to master, the rewards and satisfaction of winning this challenge make it totally worth it.



Q: How many orbs do I need to destroy in the Reaper mission?

A: To complete the mission, destroy three Harvester Orbs.

Q: What rewards can I expect after finishing the Reaper mission?

A: You’ll get the PD Flopper Can Acquisition and 2000 XP as rewards.

Q: Any special strategies for defeating Harvester Orbs?

A: Focus on balancing efforts between eliminating orbs and fending off zombies. Keep orbs in motion to prevent them from disappearing due to lack of damage.


Conclusion: Prepare for Action!

In the Reaper mission of Modern Warfare 3, players must locate and destroy Harvester orbs while battling a zombie onslaught. Completing this mission helps you progress in the game, upgrade your weapons, earn XP, and get closer to the thrilling story mission, “Shepherd.” So, gear up, face the challenges, and emerge victorious in this heart-racing Call of Duty adventure!



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