Marty Lagina | Parents And Married Life

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Marty Lagina | Parents And Married Life

Marty Lagina

American businessman Marty Lagina gained notoriety for his role in the television series The Curse of Oak Island. The Lagina brothers, Marty and Rick Lagina, are followed on the History TV series as they solve the island’s riddle.

There has been a lot of interest in the younger Lagina sister ever since the show’s premiere. Regarding Marty’s private life and his prosperous business endeavors, fans have been asking a lot of questions.

Everything you need to know about Marty Lagina’s early years, winery, and energy-related business will be covered in this page.

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  • 1 Marty Lagina Wiki: Parental Figures And Early Life
  • 2 Marty’s Course of Study
  • 3 Engineer for Petroleum Marty Lagina
  • 4 Marty Lagina Is A Wealthy Entrepreneur
  • 5 How Married Is Marty Lagina? Who Is His Spouse?
  • 6 What Is Marty Lagina’s Childcount? His Son Appearances In Oak Island’s Curse
  • 7 What Is Marty Lagina’s Total Net Worth?

Marty Lagina Wiki: Parental Figures And Early Life

On August 26, 1955, he was born in Kingsford, Michigan. He is of Caucasian heritage and his ancestry is Russian. Ann Cavalieri and George Lagina are parents of four children, including Martin.

George, his father, was a World War II veteran from the United States who fought in the Philippines and Panama. In 1945, he was honorably released from the military. Iron Hills was where George and Ann reared their children.

Marty’s Course of Study

He enrolled at Kingsford High School following his middle school graduation, where he received his diploma in 1973. Following his high school graduation, he enrolled at Michigan Technological University.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1977. In addition, he joined Pi Tau Sigma and Tau Beta Pi throughout his time in college.

He continued his study by attending the University of Michigan and graduating with honors with a Juris Doctorate.

Engineer for Petroleum Marty Lagina

Indeed, he is an engineer as well as a well-known TV personality. He began working at the Amoco Production Company after earning a degree in mechanical engineering.

Then, while pursuing his legal studies, he started working as an independent petroleum engineer for multiple Michigan firms a few years later. He first established Terra Energy Ltd., an oil and gas exploration and production company, while working as an independent engineer.

In 1982, He Started His Own Business.

The year when his business, Terra Energy Ltd., was founded was 1982. Due to the numerous technological advancements his business accomplished, Antrim Shale gas is now Michigan’s main resource.

His business rose to prominence in the state’s gas production industry. Later, in 1995, CMS Energy purchased it.

Marty Lagina Is A Wealthy Entrepreneur

The man made numerous investments throughout his formative years, and his bets frequently paid off. Using the proceeds from the sale of his business to CMS Energy, he went on to purchase a sizable portion in Chartwell Properties, LLC.

However, Marty also started a second energy business, a wind energy company called Heritage Sustainable. The business has completed several projects in and around Michigan thus far. Its goal is to construct sixty wind turbines in Michigan’s Missaukee.

As if running the aforementioned companies wasn’t enough, Marty also owns Mari Vineyard, a winery. The company was created by him in late 1990. The fact that his family has been producing wine for a very long time makes it obvious where his inspiration comes from.

For the first few years, the business did not do well. However, the company’s breakthrough came in 2006 when they created the Row 7, which went on to become their signature wine.

As Marty is typically off treasure hunting on Oak Island, his son Alex usually looks after the vineyard.

How Married Is Marty Lagina? Who Is His Spouse?

This Marty, in contrast to his elder brother Rick, is a married man. He has been blissfully married to Margaret Olivia Lagina for the past ten or so years. After marrying Marty, his wife, who was born in the UK, relocated permanently to Michigan.

In their relationship, the lovebirds share more than simply love. Olivia, his spouse, studies petroleum geology. She was employed by Wiser Oil Co. Olivia also holds a degree from the University of Rutgers.

Marty hardly ever discusses his wife, either in public or on his TV show. To be honest, their successful and enduring relationship may perhaps be due to their secretiveness.

What Is Marty Lagina’s Childcount? His Son Appearances In Oak Island’s Curse

Marty and his wife welcomed a daughter and a son from their connection with Olivia. In 1986, they welcomed a son they named Alex Lagina, who would become their first child.

A few years later, in March 1990, Olivia gave birth to a daughter called Madeline Lagina, and the couple became parents once more.

Marty’s two children are now adults. Madeline works at Michigan as a resident physician. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Emory University. She later earned a master’s degree in public health and a doctorate in medicine from Emory University School of Medicine.

Alex, meantime, entered the business and did as his father had done. after earning a degree in engineering from the University of Michigan in 2008. At the moment, he is employed at Mari Vineyards as the general manager. Apart from that, Alex frequently appears in films of the Curse of Oak Island alongside his father.

What Is Marty Lagina’s Total Net Worth?

Right now, he has a $100 million net worth. The majority of his money came from his numerous profitable business endeavors. The Lagina brother’s other half resides at his opulent home in Traverse City, Michigan.

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