Kathryn Bernardo Video Call: Scandal And Cheating Issue

Kathryn Bernardo Video Call: Scandal And Cheating Issue

Kathryn Bernardo video call where she is allegedly crying has been trending online after she confirmed her breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Daniel Padilla.

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla were a well-known Filipino celebrity couple who had been dating for over 11 years.

The pair recently confirmed their break up via social media, which has created a huge stir online.

The ex-couples did not provide any reasons for their breakup, but the actress acknowledged that despite their best efforts to patch things up, they have been drifting apart.

Following the news, rumors and speculations have been rampant. In today’s article let’s learn Kathryn’s viral video call that has taken the internet by storm.

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Kathryn Bernardo Video Call

In the wake of Kathryn Bernardo’s recent breakup, a video call allegedly showing her in tears has been circulating online.

The video has sparked widespread interest, despite questions about its authenticity. Some speculate that the footage is either an edited clip from a movie or unrelated footage that has been misinterpreted.

Kathryn Bernardo video call
In the wake of the breakup news, Kathryn Bernardo video call allegedly showing her in tears has been circulating online. (Image Source: Rappler)

In the midst of this, Bernardo took to Instagram to share her feelings about the end of her relationship.

Kathryn acknowledged the difficulty of the past few months and expressed gratitude for the time she and her ex-partner were given to process their pain.

While confirming the breakup, the Mara Clara star shared a photograph of them as teenagers, saying it is already a “chapter closed” for her and Padilla.

In the post Bernardo, with a 21-year career in showbiz and 12 years as part of Kathniel, affirmed her off-screen love for Deej (Padilla’s nickname).

The former lovebirds’ shared journey of growth and dream fulfillment was genuine. Despite their breakup, both of them cherish the happiness, adventure, and comfort they brought into one another’s lives.

In addition, the 27-year-old artist reached out to her fans who were also feeling the pain of her breakup.

The actress acknowledged their pain and requested not to take sides. Moreover, breakups are a deeply personal experience, and everyone processes them differently.

Whether it’s through tears, as the alleged video suggests, or through heartfelt messages like the one she shared on Instagram, the important thing is to allow oneself to feel and to heal.

Did Daniel Padilla Cheat On Kathryn Bernardo?

Daniel Padilla was indeed entangled in rumors of cheating on Kathryn Bernardo.

Despite the rumors and controversies, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo have shown an admirable level of maturity and understanding.

Kathryn Bernardo video call
Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla brokeup. (Image Source: Instagram)

They have managed to navigate through the stormy seas of their relationship with grace and humility.

The rumors of Daniel’s alleged affair with Barbie Imperial were met with denial from Daniel and a humble response from Kathryn.

The musician-actor admitted to past mistakes and expressed his gratitude for Kathryn’s forgiveness.

He also stated that he would extend the same forgiveness to Kathryn if the roles were reversed.

This level of mutual respect and understanding is a testament to their strong bond. However, the recent news of their breakup has sent shockwaves through their fanbase.

It’s a stark reminder that even the strongest relationships can face challenges.

Yet, the way they have handled their situation so far gave hope that they will continue to date.

Even though speculations about their split had been making rounds for the past few months, the official confirmation has left the Kathdaniel fandom in a state of shock.

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