Kamiri Gaulden | Untold Details About Him

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Kamiri Gaulden | Untold Details About Him

Kamiri Gaulden

Is YoungBoy Never Broke Again familiar to you? He’s a successful rapper, performer, and composer, for that matter. Similar to him, Kamiri Gaulden, his third kid, is frequently in the spotlight. No, he does not sing or rapper like his father, but he still has equal popularity and a lavish lifestyle.

Kamiri, who goes as K3, is only a little more than three years old. Like the other members of his family, Kamiri has a tranquil existence. Still, what more? We’ll learn some fascinating information about him and his parents in this piece.

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  • 1 The third child of Young Boy, Never Broke Again, is Kamiri Gaulden.
  • 2 NBA YoungBoy, Kamiri’s father, Is Father To Seven Kids
  • 3 Nisha, Kayden Gaulden’s girlfriend
  • 4 Dimitri Capri & Drea Symone
  • 5 Kamiri Gaulden Is Featured on Twitter

The third child of Young Boy, Never Broke Again, is Kamiri Gaulden.

As we just reported, on July 6, 2017, rapper NBA YoungBoy welcomed Kamiri into the world as his third kid. His romance with musician Starr Dejanee gave birth to him.

YoungBoy and Kamiri get along well, even though he became a parent at a young age. Sadly, though, the rapper and Starr are no longer together. But even after splitting up, the former couple has continued to raise Kamiri together.

Kamiri also appears to take pleasure in spending time with his parents. In addition, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri’s mother Starr’s second kid, is the result of her promiscuity rather than her connection with YoungBoy. That being said, YoungBoy has adopted the child and is rearing him to the best of his ability.

NBA YoungBoy, Kamiri’s father, Is Father To Seven Kids

In case you were unaware, Kamron, who is not his biological child, is one of the seven children that Kamiri’s father, NBA YoungBoy, is the father of. The most intriguing aspect is that all of his children are the result of his many relationships.

Nisha, Kayden Gaulden’s girlfriend

Basketball On July 4, 2016, YoungBoy welcomed Kayden Gaulden as his first kid. His connection with his ex-girlfriend Nisha gave birth to him. The most intriguing aspect is that Kayden was born while YoungBoy was only 16 years old.

Now that Kayden is older than four, he is content with his life with his well-known father. Sadly, NBA and Nisha, his parents, never got married and are no longer together.

The family’s second kid is the adorable little Taylin Gaulden. March 19, 2017, in Louisiana, USA, was his birthdate. He was the offspring of NBA and Niya, his previous girlfriend.

Sadly, Niya and YoungBoy are no longer dating.

Kamron, Kamiri’s younger brother, was born as a result of his mother’s adultery

Due to his mother Starr Dejanee’s adultery with another man, Kamari also has a younger brother named Kamron. A DNA test revealed that Kamron was not YoungBoy’s biological child.

NBA has been treating Kamron like his own child, nevertheless, despite this. In a Facebook post, he even acknowledged the truth, writing,

It hurts to learn the truth, but life goes on. I want to be the first to tell you all that I officially found out Baby K isn’t my child, but the man I am will keep raising him like he’s mine.

Dimitri Capri & Drea Symone

Kamiri Gaulden recently had the opportunity to meet Kodi Capri, her other brother. On November 26, 2020, the NBA’s sixth kid, Kodi, was born into a partnership with Drea Symone.

At delivery, the baby girl weighed 7.5 pounds. The child’s mother shared a picture of her daughter’s hand on Instagram to share the news. She stated in the caption,

On Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2020, I received a 7.5-pound cause to be grateful. I’ve been preoccupied with savoring the days that follow. I think I can say that my heart is full! Capri Kodi.

NBA YoungBoy and Yaya, Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, had a baby boy.

In January 2021, Kamiri’s father YoungBoy, who was dating Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Yaya Mayweather, gave birth to his seventh kid. Yaya posted a picture of her child’s foot on Instagram to spread the news.

Yaya’s father Floyd, however, had already announced that his daughter was expecting an NBA kid. Floyd had stated in a statement with Hollywood Unlocked,

All I want for my daughter is the greatest. Always aim for excellence. We’re pleased if that brings her joy. Her mother and I are content. I do, however, make an effort to stay out of her personal affairs. Because it will only be between her and her better half when she leaves my house.

Not to mention that the child was born only a few months after his sixth child with Drea.

Kamiri Gaulden Is Featured on Twitter

Unbeknownst to many, the youthful Kamiri is already active on social media. He appears to be rather active on his personal Instagram account. The famous child, who goes by Kamiri Gaulden on Instagram, already has more than 700 followers.

Additionally, Kamiri appears to be close to his mother Starr, and frequently posts pictures of the two of them on social media.

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