Jason Worley Received Help From A Popular YouTuber After The Murder Of His Children

Jason Worley Received Help From A Popular YouTuber After The Murder Of His Children



In a heart-wrenching incident in Darlington, Indiana, Jason Worley faced an unimaginable tragedy when his wife, Brandi Worley, took the lives of their two children on a fateful night. The community rallied around him, and unexpected help came from an influential YouTuber, Philip DeFranco.


The Shocking Night:

On the early morning of November 17, 2016, the authorities received a distressing call from Brandi Worley, who confessed to the unthinkable act of killing her children, 7-year-old Tyler and 3-year-old Charlee. The devastating incident unfolded amidst the backdrop of Jason filing for divorce the day before. Brandi’s distress over the divorce led her to hatch a tragic plan.


A Disturbing Plan Unfolds:

Brandi, pretending to buy art supplies for Tyler, acquired a knife instead and concealed it in her son’s room. That night, she woke Tyler and Charlee, claiming they were having a “sleepover.” In the darkness, she fatally stabbed both children while Jason slept unaware in the basement.


Heartbreaking Discovery:

Jason, oblivious to the unfolding tragedy, was awakened by the anguished cries of Brandi’s mother. Rushing upstairs, he found a horrifying scene. Brandi, now arrested and charged with two counts of felony murder, chillingly told him, “Now you can’t take my children from me.”


Legal Consequences:

Despite Brandi’s multiple self-inflicted wounds, she survived. Initially pleading not guilty, she later changed her plea but was sentenced to 120 years in prison. The judge, Harry Siamas, acknowledged the inexplicable darkness in the world that penetrates minds and hearts.


Appeal for Assistance:

Amidst the grief and mounting financial challenges, Jason turned to the online community for help. He reached out to YouTuber Philip DeFranco, sharing the heartbreaking story of his children’s demise.


DeFranco’s Compassionate Response:

Upon learning about the tragedy, DeFranco, with his substantial YouTube following, brought attention to Jason’s plight. He shared information about a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Jason’s employer, Brian Bewley, aiming to support the grieving father.


Crowdfunding Campaign and International Support:

Bewley’s GoFundMe campaign gained momentum as DeFranco urged his viewers to contribute. The online community responded overwhelmingly, doubling the donations within hours. The campaign raised an impressive $56,045, providing relief for funeral expenses and some of the associated bills.


A Community United:

The power of social media, combined with the compassion of strangers, helped Jason navigate the aftermath of an unthinkable tragedy. DeFranco’s involvement not only garnered financial support but also brought international attention to the devastating incident. The prayers and contributions poured in, offering a semblance of solace in the face of immense sorrow.



In the face of unimaginable loss, the solidarity shown by the online community, led by Philip DeFranco, has provided a glimmer of hope for Jason Worley. While the wounds of losing his children may never fully heal, the collective compassion has offered him the support needed to face the challenging road ahead.




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