Ivana Alawi Viral Video And Kissing Scene: Scandal And Controversy

Ivana Alawi Viral Video And Kissing Scene: Scandal And Controversy

Ivana Alawi viral video has taken the internet by storm, capturing the attention of countless viewers and sparking online discussions.

Ivana Alawi, whose full name is Mariam Sayed Sameer Marbella Al-Alawi, is a renowned Filipino actress, model, and YouTuber.

She has made a significant impact on social media and holds the distinction of being the most subscribed Filipino celebrity on YouTube.

In addition to her successful online presence, Ivana is the Chief Executive Officer of her skincare brand, Ivana Skin.

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Ivana Alawi Viral Video And Kissing Scene

Ivana Alawi, the Filipino actress, model, and YouTube sensation has created waves on the internet with her viral video and intriguing kissing scene.

The kissing scene between Coco Martin and Ivana Alawi in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” has taken the spotlight and overshadowed the viral kiss between Julia Montes and Alden Richards.

The show has been a subject of discussion among its viewers, with some playfully wondering if Coco and Ivana’s on-screen kiss could rival the latter’s intensity.

The topic even made its way to the radio program “Cristy Ferminute” hosted by Nanay Cristy Fermin and Romel Chika, where it was defended that Coco and Julia were simply doing their job, and there should be no cause for jealousy.

Ivana Alawi Viral Video
Ivana Alawi’s viral kiss sparks discussions and excitement among viewers. (Image Source: LionhearTV)

Aside from the anticipation for the kissing scene, the series has garnered immense attention, particularly due to its captivating 5-minute trailer released last week, accumulating over 10 million views.

It achieved a record-breaking viewership of 478,297 live concurrent viewers on Kapamilya Online Live’s YouTube channel, further fueling the buzz.

Viewers eagerly await the upcoming episodes, particularly the passionate kissing scene between Tanggol, portrayed by Coco, and Bubbles, played by Ivana.

The chemistry between the two characters has been a highlight of the series, much like the previous kissing scene between Coco and Lovi Poe, who played Mokang.

Ivana Alawi Scandal And Controversy

Ivana Alawi, a prominent figure in the Philippines’ entertainment industry, has had her share of controversies, including the notorious Ivana Alawi Scandal.

This scandal revolved around a leaked video that garnered significant attention on various social media platforms, particularly Reddit and Twitter.

Ivana recognized for her work as an actress, model, and YouTuber, boasts a substantial fan following thanks to her contributions to the entertainment landscape.

However, her career was marred by the Ivana Alawi Scandal, which stemmed from a leaked video that circulated on social media.

This scandal gained notoriety in May 2020 when a fake video purportedly featuring her went viral online.

Unauthorized websites took advantage of her name by sharing the doctored video, aiming to boost their article’s likes and views.

Ivana Alawi Viral Video
Ivana Alawi’s career was marred by scandal, but she remains prominent. (Image Source: ABS-CBN News) 

In addition to the infamous video, Alawi faced another controversy in September 2019 when speculations arose on social media suggesting that she could be hired for a hefty sum.

The rumors alleged that she could be rented for two hours for a substantial fee.

Alawi vehemently denied these false allegations, notably refuting them during her appearance on “Sino Ang May Sala? Mea Culpa.” She clarified that the accusations of her working as an escort were baseless.

In conclusion, the Ivana scandal, marked by a leaked video and a subsequent wave of false allegations, created a significant stir in the world of social media and online entertainment.

Despite the controversies, Ivana Alawi remains a prominent and accomplished figure in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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