How to Play the Concertina: 15 Steps

The concertina, a hand-held free-reed musical instrument, has been a staple of traditional music for centuries. Playing the concertina can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially for those who appreciate the unique sound it produces. Follow these 15 steps to learn how to play the concertina like a pro!

1. Choose the right concertina: There are various types of concertinas, with the English, Anglo, and Duet systems being the most common. Do some research and decide which system suits your musical style before purchasing one.

2. Learn the button layout: Familiarize yourself with the button layout of your chosen concertina. Each system has different patterns, but all involve pushing buttons to produce notes.

3. Posture: Sit up straight on a comfortable chair with both feet flat on the ground. Hold the concertina between your knees or rest it on your lap if you prefer.

4. Hand positioning: Place your thumbs through the thumb straps and your palms on the wooden handles. Let your fingers rest lightly on the buttons.

5. Bellows movement: Ensure smooth movement by alternating between pushing and pulling the bellows while playing to create different sounds.

6. Start with a scale: Practice playing a simple scale like C major to familiarize yourself with button locations and bellows movements.

7. Develop fingering techniques: Alternating fingers when playing notes can increase your speed and fluidity.

8. Learn basic chords: Study common chords to add depth and interest to your music.

9. Develop rhythm: Work on your ability to maintain a steady tempo by tapping along with metronome.

10. Practice sight-reading: Reading sheet music will improve your understanding of musical notation and expand your repertoire.

11. Learn songs: Start with simple tunes that you enjoy, then progress to more complex works as you build confidence in your skills.

12. Learn ornamentation: To add character to your playing, study concertina-specific ornamentation techniques like cuts, rolls, and grace notes.

13. Play with others: Join a local session or group to exchange tips and ideas and hone your ability to adapt your playing style to suit others.

14. Record yourself: Keep track of your progress by recording your practice sessions and performing for friends and family.

15. Be patient and persistent: Learning to play the concertina takes time and effort, but by continually practicing and seeking guidance, you’ll be rewarded with a rich musical experience.

By following these 15 steps, you will learn how to play the concertina with greater confidence and skill. As you progress, you’ll discover the joy of creating beautiful music with this unique instrument. Enjoy the journey!

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