How to Make a Tallit


A Tallit, also known as a Jewish prayer shawl, is a special garment used during Jewish prayer rituals and ceremonies. This sacred item holds great importance in Jewish culture and can be customized to personal preferences. If you’d like to make your own Tallit, follow these 12 simple steps:

1. Choose Your Fabric:

Select a fabric that you find comfortable, durable, and appropriate for your needs and preferences. Traditionally, Tallitot are made from wool, but feel free to use silk or cotton if desired.

2. Determine the Size:

The size of the Tallit should be large enough to cover your back but not so long that it drags on the ground. Measure the desired length and width before purchasing your fabric.

3. Cut the Fabric:

Once you have determined the size of your Tallit, cut the fabric using sharp scissors or a rotary cutter.

4. Hem the Edges:

Fold over the edges approximately ½ inch inwards, press them down with an iron and use a sewing machine or needle and thread to secure the hems on all four sides.

5. Sew in Tzitzit Holes:

On each corner of the tallit, measure about 1-2 inches from both edges and mark where you want to create small holes for inserting the Tzitzit (ritual fringes). Carefully cut out these small holes and reinforce them with tight stitches.

6. Prepare Tzitzit Strings:

You will need four sets of Tzitzit strings for each corner of your Tallit. A standard Tzitzit set has eight strings (four long and four short).

7. Make Twisted Strings:

Take one long string and one short string, fold them in half together so they form a loop at one end. Twist these strings together tightly (clockwise) to form a single twisted string. Do this for all four sets.

8. Thread the Strings through Holes:

Push the loop of the twisted string through the Tzitzit hole. Continue this process for each corner of your Tallit.

9. Create Knots:

Hold the strings together, take one of the four strands farthest from the hole, wrap it around the others and push it through the loop created by wrapping. Pull tight to form a double knot.

10. Creating Winding Sections:

Now, wind one long string around the other seven strings in each group to create sections according to Jewish practice. A common winding pattern comprises of seven, eight, eleven, and thirteen winds separated by knots.

11. Secure Final Knot:

After finishing the winding sections, create another double knot in each group to secure the strings. Ensure that all knots are tight and well-positioned.

12. Inspect Your Work:

Finally, examine your creation making sure that all hems are secure, Tzitzit strings properly inserted, and knots correctly placed.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your very own Tallit. Cherish this handmade prayer garment as you continue to participate in Jewish traditions and rituals where it plays an important role. Making your own Tallit allows you to create a deeply personal connection to your faith and gives a unique touch while observing Jewish customs.

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