How to Eat Chicken Wings: 12 Steps


Chicken wings are a popular appetizer and party food that many people enjoy! Learning how to eat them properly can enhance your dining experience. Here are 12 steps to guide you through the process of eating chicken wings with grace and skill.

Step 1: Choose Your Wing Type

When it comes to chicken wings, you’ll encounter two main types: the drumette and the flat. Drumettes resemble tiny drumsticks, while flats have two parallel bones. Pick the type that you prefer or try both for variety.

Step 2: Prepare Your Space

Set up a clean plate or napkin for the discarded bones, a moist towel or napkin for cleaning your fingers, and some dipping sauces if desired.

Step 3: Hands or Utensils?

Using hands is more common while eating chicken wings, but you can use a fork if you’re aiming for a more civilized approach.

Step 4: Hold the Wing

Grasp the wing firmly between your thumb and forefinger, positioning your fingers on opposite ends of the wing.

Step 5: Bite Strategically

For drumettes, nibble off any cartilage at the ends first. For flats, locate the softer area between the bones and bite there.

Step 6: Extract Meat

Pull away from the bone with your teeth. Find an angle that allows you to get most of the meat off without biting into bone directly.

Step 7: Rotate and Repeat

After taking a bite, rotate the wing to find new areas with meat to be removed. Continue until most of the meat has been consumed.

Step 8: Clean Up Edges

Make sure you’ve gotten all available meat by cleaning up any leftover bits near joints and edges before discarding.

Step 9: Discard Bones Safely

Place used bones on your designated plate or napkin instead of leaving them on the table or mixing them with untouched wings.

Step 10: Savor, dip, and enjoy

Enjoy chicken wings with your favorite dipping sauces like blue cheese, ranch, or honey mustard.

Step 11: Clean Your Hands

Use the moist towel or napkin to clean your fingers when finished. Be sure to wipe off any sauce and stickiness.

Step 12: Don’t Forget the Refreshments

Pair your chicken wings with your preferred beverage, such as an ice-cold beer or refreshing soda, and enjoy the meal!


Now that you know these 12 simple steps to eat chicken wings, you’re ready to impress guests at parties and restaurants alike. Enjoy this delicious treat while mastering the art of eating it!

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