How to Crush a Pill: 14 Steps


Crushing a pill might seem like a simple task, but it can be crucial for patients who struggle with swallowing medications whole. This step-by-step guide will lay out the process of how to properly crush a pill, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in pill administration.

1. Gather necessary materials:

Before you begin, make sure to have the following items on hand:

– A pill crusher or mortar and pestle

– A small bowl or cup

– A clean spoon

– A plastic bag or small towel (if using alternative methods)

2. Check with your pharmacist:

Before attempting to crush your pill, check with a pharmacist to ensure that doing so will not alter the drug’s intended effects, as some tablets are specifically designed to be swallowed whole.

3. Read the prescription label:

Always read the prescription label to confirm that crushing your pill is safe and will not change its dosage or effectiveness.

4. Wash your hands:

Maintaining proper hygiene is crucial when handling medications to avoid potential contamination. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding.

5. Prepare the work surface:

Choose a clean, flat surface and sanitize it with an alcohol wipe or soapy water and allow it to air dry.

6. Place pill in the crusher or mortar:

Whether using a pill crusher or mortar and pestle, place the medication inside, ensuring it sits level within either device.

7. Apply even pressure:

If using a pill crusher, simply twist it in one direction until you feel resistance, then turn it back in the other direction until all visible pieces are crushed. With a mortar and pestle, firmly press down on the tablet until completely broken up.

8. Scrape and mix remains:

Using the spoon, scrape any remnants from the side of the crusher or mortar then mix them thoroughly so that all particles are uniformly ground.

9. Alternative methods for crushing a pill:

If you don’t have a pill crusher or mortar and pestle available, you can use a plastic bag or small towel. Place the pill within, seal the bag, or fold the towel, and use a heavy object such as a rolling pin to gently crush the tablet into a fine powder.

10. Prepare your method of administration:

Depending on your preference, you could dissolve the crushed pill in water or mix it with soft foods like applesauce, yogurt, or pudding.

11. Combine with food or drink properly:

For more consistent dosing, always combine all of the crushed pill powder with your chosen food or liquid. Never remove small portions to add later.

12. Consume immediately:

Once you have combined the crushed medication with food or drink, consume it immediately to ensure effectiveness and dosage accuracy.

13. Clean and sanitize equipment:

After completing the process, be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize any surfaces that have come in contact with the medication.

14. Record administration details:

Note when you’ve given yourself or someone else the crushed medication to help maintain proper tracking of your medication schedule.


Crushing pills might become necessary for various reasons; however, it is important to follow these 14 simple steps to guarantee maximum safety and minimize potential risks. By doing so, you’ll be able to administer medication effectively while ensuring proper dosage and treatment outcomes.

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