Check Why PhD Programme Fees Increased From ₹1,932 to ₹23,968?

Check Why PhD Programme Fees Increased From ₹1,932 to ₹23,968?

Delhi University, a well-known institution in India, is currently under scrutiny due to a significant change in its Ph.D. program fees. The university’s decision to raise the fees from ₹1,932 to ₹23,968 has sparked outrage among students and educators alike. This sudden fee hike, particularly in the English department, has drawn criticism from various quarters. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this fee increase and the reactions it has triggered.

A Substantial Fee Hike

Reliable sources report that Delhi University’s Department of English has implemented a substantial fee increase for its Ph.D. program, raising it from a mere ₹1,932 to a staggering ₹23,968. This exorbitant rise has left many in disbelief. The left-affiliated student group, SFI Delhi University, has been particularly vocal in its condemnation of this fee hike.

Concerns and Criticism

This unprecedented fee hike has raised concerns among students and educators. Many argue that it places a significant burden on students who may already struggle to afford higher education. They emphasize that education should be a fundamental right, not a privilege. The increased fee structure appears to create barriers to accessing quality education. These voices call for a more equitable and accessible education system.

Abha Dev Habib’s Perspective

Abha Dev Habib, an Assistant Professor of Physics at Miranda House, voiced her strong disapproval of Delhi University’s Department of English’s decision to increase fees by over 1200%. She described this move as “unacceptable and unfortunate.” The impact of such a steep fee hike could negatively affect the diversity of students attending the university. Scholarships and concessions may not suffice to make education affordable for everyone. Abha Dev Habib also pointed out that fees for Ph.D. programs in other subjects are significantly lower at ₹4,400.

Calls for Reconsideration

The chorus of discontent continues to grow as many individuals and organizations demand that this fee hike be rolled back promptly. The effects of this sudden increase could have far-reaching consequences on students’ access to education and the university’s overall diversity. They argue for a more affordable and inclusive approach to higher education.

Student and Teacher Solidarity

In response to the fee increase, students and teachers are joining forces to oppose this decision collectively. Solidarity is growing among the academic community, with many expressing their concerns over the implications of such a drastic fee hike. The collective voice against this decision is gaining momentum, and it remains to be seen how Delhi University will respond to this widespread criticism.

The Future of the PhD Program

This fee increase raises questions about the future of the Ph.D. program at Delhi University. Will it become less accessible to a broader range of students, limiting the diversity and inclusion that the university has strived for? The coming days will be crucial in determining whether the university reevaluates this decision in response to the outcry from its students and faculty.


Delhi University’s decision to dramatically increase the fees for its Ph.D. program, particularly in the Department of English, has ignited a firestorm of criticism. Many believe that education should be affordable and accessible to all, and this fee hike goes against those principles. Educators and students are rallying together to demand a reconsideration of this decision, hoping to maintain the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The future of the Ph.D. program at Delhi University hangs in the balance as stakeholders anxiously await the institution’s response to this controversy.

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