Bernie Marsden Illness And Health Before Death: Guitarist Battled With Alzheimer

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Bernie Marsden Illness And Health Before Death: Guitarist Battled With Alzheimer

Bernie Marsden

After word of Bernie Marsden’s death went viral online, people were interested in learning more about his condition. Bernard John Marsden is the guitarist for English rock and blues bands.

His work with Whitesnake is what has garnered him the greatest recognition; he co-wrote or co-arranged a number of the band’s successful songs with David Coverdale.

Jon Lord and Ian Paice formed the band Paice Ashton Lord after the breakup of Deep Purple. Tony Ashton, a regular collaborator, provided piano accompaniment for the third section.

Cozy Powell recommended Marsden, who showed up for the audition with bassist Paul Martinez. A great deal of excitement was surrounding the band.

Nevertheless, the band broke up midway through making a second album in Munich, which was noteworthy as it was there that Marsden met David Coverdale, after only one album and five performances.

Stay tuned to find out more about Bernie Marsden’s health and sickness before to his passing.

Bernie Marsden’s Illness and Well-Being Prior to Death

Bernie Marsden passed away lately due to his sickness. Whitesnake founder Bernie Marsden recently sent a video message with his fans detailing health issues he has been facing.

For the first time in six weeks, the guitarist shared a video on social media last night, August 22, disclosing that he had surgery in June.

The 71-year-old Marsden said he had “acute dehydration” after the treatment and had to return to the hospital for a week.

After being unable to play live at the Firestorm Rock Festival in Manchester earlier this month and having to postpone his planned participation at the Blues In Hell Festival in Norway on September 3, Marsden apologized to his supporters and described it as “a difficult year.”

The good news is that he’s becoming stronger and better every day.

Bernie Marsden said in his message that he hadn’t written anything in a while. He had experienced a number of things in the last several months.

He underwent surgery in June, and after the procedure, he was recovering well until he developed severe dehydration, necessitating my hospitalization for almost a week.

On Thursday night, August 24, 2023, Marsden peacefully departed, accompanied by his wife and two kids.

Later, on Friday morning, Marsden’s old bandmate David Coverdale expressed his condolences on his Twitter (X) account.

The guitarist fought Alzheimer’s

According to a statement released by his family today (Friday, August 25), Bernie Marsden, a legendary blues rock guitarist and co-founder of Whitesnake, passed away peacefully on the evening of Thursday, August 24, 2023, with his wife and kids by his side.

Some reports claim he struggled with a health issue before his death. However, Bernie Marsden’s cause of death has not yet been disclosed by the family.

The family’s privacy must be protected even with our greatest efforts to gather important data and provide timely updates.

Co-founder of Whitesnake Bernie Marsden recently shared his health issues with his fans in a video message.

On August 22, 2022, the artist posted a video on social media for the first time in six weeks, revealing that he had had surgery in June.

The 71-year-old Marsden said that after the surgery, he had “acute dehydration,” requiring an additional week in the hospital.

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