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Asher Angel | Girlfriend Annie LeBlanc

Asher Angel

With Asher Angel’s level of fame, rumors about the actor’s romantic history abound. He has had several affairs up till now. He recently dated Annie Leblanc, a social media celebrity and model. But they’ve already broken up.

The Shazam star’s current dating status is shown below. Discover everything you can about his previous relationships.

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  • 1 Asher Angel’s 2021 girlfriend: They’re dating!
  • 2 Are Reagan Sheppeard and Asher Angel dating?
  • 3 Asher Angel formerly dated Annie LeBlanc.
  • 4 Asher Composed a Song for Annie LeBlanc, His Former Girlfriend
  • 5 What Caused Asher and Annie LeBlanc’s Breakup?
  • 6 Past Relationships of Asher Angel

Asher Angel’s 2021 girlfriend: They’re dating!

Rumor has it that Asher is dating someone new after splitting from Annie. You heard correctly. Caroline Gregory, a social media influencer, is the partner of the actor. First, on January 1, 2021, Asher released an Instagram post confirming his connection with Caroline.

Fans were a little surprised when he revealed the shocking information. Of Asher’s covert romance, not a single fan was aware of.

Furthermore, a few months before before his shocking disclosure, fans believed the actor was in a relationship with model Reagan Sheppard. Reagan, for those who don’t know, is a model in Asher’s “Do U Wanna?” music video.

Additionally, rumors of their romance began to circulate among fans shortly after the music video’s July premiere. Fans were even more distrustful of them because of their physical affection and connection.

Are Reagan Sheppeard and Asher Angel dating?

Asher’s flirtatious comment on the post by Reagan Sheppeard. Source: Room on TikTok

Even if there appears to be some suspicion between the two. The likelihood is that the two are only buddies. If they are dating, hopefully, they address the rumors.

Nevertheless, the speculations about his relationship with Reagan should end now that we’ve informed you about his new, verified girlfriend.

Asher Angel formerly dated Annie LeBlanc.

Yes, you guessed it; many of you have already worked it out. Asher Angel and his girlfriend Annie LeBlanc were together. The pair spent more than a year together.

Traveling to Turks and Caicos for vacation, Asher Angel and Annie Leblanc.

Asher Angel traveling to Turks & Caicos with Annie LeBlanc. Asher Angel’s Instagram account

Annie is a well-known person who has published several songs and participated in multiple performances. She also shares a sisterhood with the late actor Caleb Logan LeBlanc. In 2015, her brother Caleb passed away for unspecified causes.

When Annie made an appearance in Asher’s Chemistry music video as his love interest, sparks between the two initially flew. Their chemistry was amazing, according to the title, and people began to ship them as a pair right away.

Asher Composed a Song for Annie LeBlanc, His Former Girlfriend

And much to the delight of the fans, Asher and Annie made their romance official. The actor disclosed that he and Annie are more than “just friends” on May 15, 2019, during his interview on Zach Sang’s podcast. In addition, he said that the song “One Thought Away” was written with his girlfriend Annie in mind. Cute as pie!

He acknowledged it and remarked,

“All right, just to be clear, this is Annie LeBlanc. It was me who did the music video for “Chemistry” I met in this manner. She is also quite kind, calm, and cheerful. I suppose that in some way I provide her joy. I have no idea how. It’s absurd. However, she’s the best and so encouraging.

The two have been quite transparent about their friendship ever since. They genuinely served as an example for couples, even going so far as to post adorable PDA photos to declare their love for one another.

Similar to the video that Asher posted on Valentine’s Day eve!

He is quite smitten with Annie, as you can see. Why wouldn’t he be, too? There’s no turning back once you’re captivated by her contagious charm.

What Caused Asher and Annie LeBlanc’s Breakup?

The news of Asher and Annie’s breakup arrived at their door just as we all believed they might be a couple forever

Yes, you read correctly—after dating for a year, our favorite pair announced their separation on May 13, 2020. The major revelation came after Annie posted an Instagram story announcing her breakup with Asher.

Fans do not believe that there is bad blood between the two, despite what the above photo appears to show.

Asher’s mother, who they say lacked maturity, is the primary reason for their regrettable split, the fandom claims. To add fuel to the flames, Asher also posted a mysterious photo on his Instagram account.

“You know you love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart 💔,” the post says.

To be honest, Annie comes off as the primary antagonist in the caption. Even, “this caption is so unnecessary,” was written by one enthusiast. making Annie seem awful.

In addition, Angel’s social media account is losing followers as a result of sharing the message.

Past Relationships of Asher Angel

Asher has never acknowledged any of his previous relationships while being upfront about his present one. The attractive native of Phoenix was initially connected to Jenna Ortega in 2018.

They were spotted together at the Venom movie premiere, which sparked rumors about their romance. To further cement their relationship, Asher and Jenna Ortega even donned the same outfit as Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, the former pair. Asher even posted an Instagram photo of himself and Jenna with a red heart emoji.

He was associated with Peyton Elizabeth Lee after Jenna. Indeed, they were both employed by Andi Mack in the series, and she even played his love interest. Asher later admitted that all they are is friends—and close friends at that.

Rumor had it that the singer was also seeing Nickelodeon actress Madisyn Shipman. Asher clarified that they are simply friends and that he is not dating her, which put a stop to the rumors.

During an interview with JustJared Jr., the actor talked about the kinds of girls he likes and the ones he avoids completely. If you stay true to yourself and don’t spread rumors about others, girls, he will like you.

NNoroom for a cruel girl. In other words, Asher doesn’t interact with any ladies like Amber from the show, Andi Mack. “You should be looking for someone who is nice and sweet and is very humble and thoughtful,” he said as he concluded his remarks.

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