Arifa Akbar Age: How Old Is She? Explore Her Publication, Family & Wiki


Arifa Akbar Age: How Old Is She? Explore Her Publication, Family & Wiki

Arifa Akbar

Arifa Akbar is best known as the author of “Consumed,” but she also writes theater reviews for The Guardian and contributes to the arts and books sections of The Observer. She worked as a news writer and arts correspondent for The Independent before joining the books department in 2009. She was a judge for the 2014 Fiction Uncovered Prize and the 2013 Orwell Book Prize.

Arifa Akbar Wikipedia & Bio

Arifa Akbar currently does not have her own Wikipedia page. However, the author’s name will soon emerge on Wikipedia. Arifa looks to be a bit clandestine since the author hasn’t revealed any personal information online. She may provide more personal details as her career as an author progresses. She has had a few short nonfiction pieces published in anthologies. Consumed is her first novel. We do know that she has been a journalist for almost twenty years, serving as the Literary Editor of the Independent before going on to work as a news reporter and arts correspondent.

Arifa Akbar

Akbar has written for the Financial Times and the Observer in the past. She is a member of the English PEN and the Orwell Foundation boards. From early 2017 until early 2019, she was Unbound’s head of content and Boundless’ launch editor. Arifa co-manages the Orwell Foundation’s annual book award and is a trustee of the organization. Arifa has acted as a judge for a number of prizes, including the 2019 Women’s Prize for Fiction and the UK Theatre prizes, as well as the 2017 Costa Biography Award.

How Old Is ‘Consumed’ Author Arifa Akbar?

Unfortunately, Arifa has not yet revealed her precise birth date to her admirers. However, based on her website photos, the author seems to be in her early thirties as of 2022. There was no information on the internet concerning her other personal characteristics, such as height, weight, blood type, and so on.

Arifa Akbar Family

Unfortunately, no information on Arifa Akbar’s parents or spouse was discovered, since the author has never mentioned them on social media. Arifa did, however, have a sister called Fauzia, and her memoir “Consumed” is about her. Fauzia Akbar, Arifa Akbar’s sister, died abruptly in 2016, leaving Arifa and her family in shock. She had no idea her sister had TB until the day of the occurrence. In her immensely heartbreaking book Consumed, she goes into much more detail than only Fauzia’s sickness and death.

Arifa and Fauzia’s broken childhoods in London and Lahore fostered resentments that culminated in a strained relationship between the sisters. Consumed is a brilliantly written assessment of the anguish caused by a sudden loss in the family, as well as the author’s achingly honest confrontation with a sister she found difficult to comprehend. It’s a narrative that takes Akbar to Pakistan to meet her grandparents and to Rome to witness the places Fauzia’s favorite poet, John Keats, and her sister both visited.

Arifa Akbar

Arifa discusses her hard-won insights on her relationship with Fauzia with Journalist Alex Peake-Tomkinson in this event, which will be live-streamed during the 2021 Edinburgh International Book Festival. She rebuilds her notion of a sister she has fought to know throughout her childhood via these excursions.

Arifa Akbar Ethnicity

Arifa follows Islam since her grandparents are originally from Pakistan. However, there was no more information regarding his faith available online. The author also seems to be a bit tight-lipped about her personal details, since she hasn’t stated her ethnicity elsewhere on the internet.

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