4 Ways to Reuse Empty Aluminum Cans


Aluminum cans are one of the most common waste materials found worldwide. They are usually tossed away without a second thought after being used to store beverages like soda or beer. However, instead of discarding these empty cans, why not find creative ways to repurpose them? By reusing aluminum cans, you can help reduce waste, save money, and even have some fun! In this article, we will discuss four innovative ways to reuse empty aluminum cans.

1. Create Decorative Planters

Transform your empty aluminum cans into unique planters for your indoor or outdoor garden. Simply clean the cans thoroughly and remove any sharp edges. Then, decorate the outside with paint or washi tape to create colorful designs. Poke some drainage holes in the bottom, fill them with potting soil, and add your favorite plants! These DIY planters are an excellent way to showcase your green thumb while promoting sustainability.

2. Make a DIY Candle Holder

Design your own one-of-a-kind candle holder using an empty aluminum can. Begin by cleaning the can and removing any labels. Utilize a marker to draft your desired pattern on the can’s surface – this could be intricate designs, words, or geometric shapes. Next, use a nail and hammer to puncture holes along this pattern. Once your design is complete, place a tea light candle inside the can and watch as the warm glow of flickering light illuminates your unique creation!

3. Craft a Cozy Beverage Coozie

Do you need an easy solution to keep your soda or beer cold on a sunny day? An empty aluminum can make the perfect coozie! Start by cutting off the top and bottom of the can using a box cutter or sharp knife (always be cautious when working with sharp objects). Then, cut vertically through the remaining wall of the can until you have one long piece of aluminum. Wrap this sheet around your beverage, secure it with a piece of tape or adhesive, and you have an eco-friendly coozie that keeps your drink cold and saves some money.

4. Assemble a Mini Wind Chime

Missing the relaxing sound of wind chimes on your porch or balcony? Create your own mini wind chimes using empty aluminum cans! First, collect several cans and clean them thoroughly. Next, cut off the top and bottom parts of each can, keeping only the cylindrical section. Afterward, slice these sections into thin strips about ½ inch wide. Paint or decorate each strip as desired. Attach these strips to a small ring or hoop using fishing line, twine, or string, spacing them evenly apart. Hang your new mini wind chime wherever you’d like to enjoy its soothing sounds.


Empty aluminum cans are not just waste; they offer endless opportunities for creatives and eco-conscious individuals alike. By reusing these cans in the four ways mentioned above, you’re not only adding a personal touch to everyday items but also spreading awareness of sustainability and waste reduction. So next time you finish a drink from an aluminum can, think twice before throwing it away – instead, let it serve as inspiration for your next DIY project!

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