3 Ways to Keep Boots from Slouching at the Ankle


Having a great pair of boots is essential for every wardrobe, but one common problem faced by many is when the boots start to slouch at the ankle. This can not only make your boots look worn out, but also uncomfortable to wear. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent this from happening and keep your boots looking as good as new. In this article, we will discuss three effective methods to avoid that slouching and maintain the shape of your boots.

1. Use Boot Shapers or Inserts

A convenient way to prevent boots from slouching is by using boot shapers or inserts. These devices are designed to be inserted inside your boots while they are not being worn, helping them maintain their original structure. There are various types of boot shapers on the market, such as plastic and foam ones. Choose a set that works best for your specific boot material and size. By having these inserts in place, you ensure that the boots remain upright and maintain proper form even when they’re off your feet.

2. Strategically Stuff Your Boots

If you don’t want to invest in boot shapers or can’t find one that fits your boots perfectly, you can use household items like magazines, newspapers or even socks to stuff them strategically. The key here is to ensure that whatever materials you use provide enough support for the ankle area of your boots. To do this:

  1. Roll up magazines or newspapers tightly until they form a cylinder shape.
  2. Insert them inside the boot shaft right up until the ankle area.
  3. You can add additional stuffing like rolled-up socks if necessary for better support.

This method helps keep the ankle portion of your boots rigid and sturdy while stored in your closet.

3. Store Your Boots with Care

Another important factor is how you store your boots when not in use. Leaving them thrown around on the floor or shoved in the back of your closet can lead to ankle slouching. Instead, follow these tips to store your boots properly:

  1. Make sure your boots are clean and dry before storing them.
  2. Use the boot shapers or stuffing technique mentioned earlier to provide support.
  3. Stand them up straight and avoid stacking other shoes or objects on top of them.

Remember, taking care of your boots and storing them correctly will ensure they’re always ready for you to wear without any ankle-slouching issues.


Keeping your boots upright and free from slouching at the ankle is not a difficult task. By using boot shapers, stuffing your boots strategically, and storing them with care, you can maintain their shape for much longer than if you didn’t take these precautions. Invest time into taking care of your footwear, and it will stay stylish and functional for years to come.

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