3 Ways to Draw a Lily


Lilies are beautiful flowers known for their elegant and graceful appearance. In this article, we will explore three ways to draw a lily that will help you bring these charming blossoms to life on paper. With practice and the right tools, you’ll be able to create stunning drawings of lilies.

1. Drawing a Front-Facing Lily:

Step 1: Begin by sketching a small circle for the center of the flower. Around this circle, draw six equally spaced, elongated tear-drop shapes for the petals.

Step 2: Add details to each petal by drawing delicate, slightly curved lines from the base to the tip.

Step 3: Within the central circle, draw tiny circles or dots to represent stamens.

Step 4: To draw the stem, create two parallel lines extending from the base of the flower downwards. Then, add leaves along the stem by drawing long, slender ovals with pointed tips.

Step 5: Finish your lily drawing by shading and/or adding colors (optional).

2. Drawing a Side-View Lily:

Step 1: Start by outlining an oval shape with one pointed end (similar to a teardrop) for the primary petal.

Step 2: Draw two more elongated teardrop shapes on either side of your primary petal. These should be slightly smaller and connect at the base.

Step 3: Sketch two additional petals behind these side petals so that they appear partially hidden. This creates depth in your drawing.

Step 4: At the base of your flower, draw a small trumpet-like structure for the pistil and stamen.

Step 5: Extend two parallel lines from the base as your stem, and add thin leaves similar to those in the front-facing view—a long oval shape with pointed tips.

Step 6: Complete your drawing by shading and/or adding colors (optional).

3. Drawing a Stylized Lily:

Step 1: Begin with a spiraling, circle shape for the main petal.

Step 2: Around this spiral, draw curved lines that mimic the flow of the spiral, connecting them at their endpoints to create secondary petals.

Step 3: Add more details by drawing wavy, curved lines within each petal.

Step 4: For the stem, sketch two lines extending downwards. To create an artistic touch, allow these lines to curve and sway.

Step 5: Add several leaves along the stem with pointed tips, varying in size and angle for added visual interest.

Step 6: Finish your drawing by filling in shades or adding colors (optional).


Drawing lilies can be a fun and enjoyable activity for any artist. Each of these three methods allows you to explore different aspects of a lily’s appearance, from realistic details to captivating stylization. By mastering these techniques, you’ll become proficient in capturing the beauty of lilies on paper.

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