3 Ways to Come Up from a Back Bend


Backbends are an essential part of any yoga practice. They help to increase spinal flexibility, strengthen the back muscles, and open the chest, resulting in improved posture and breathing. Although backbends can be challenging for beginners, with time and practice, they become easier. One key aspect of mastering a backbend is learning how to come up from the pose safely and smoothly. In this article, we will explore three methods to help you come up from a back bend.

1. Using Your Core Strength:

The first method for coming up from a backbend involves engaging your core muscles to provide additional support and stability. This technique works well for poses such as the cobra pose or the full wheel pose.

To do this:

– As you start to release from the backbend, engage your abdominal muscles.

– Keep your core engaged as you lift your head and torso slowly.

– Ensure that your spine is decompressing gradually with each movement.

– Continue engaging your core muscles until you are completely upright.

2. Pushing Through Your Hands:

The second method involves using the strength in your arms to assist in lifting your torso. This technique is particularly useful when coming out of more advanced backbends like the full wheel or bridge pose.

To do this:

– As you begin releasing from the backbend, place your hands firmly on the ground alongside your ears (in a full wheel) or by your shoulders (in a bridge pose).

– Press down through your hands while engaging your triceps to lift your torso, head and shoulders off the ground.

– Maintain control as you push yourself up until you reach a comfortable seated position.

3. Rolling Over:

Rolling over can be used in gentler back bends like the fish pose or supported bridge pose. This technique allows for a slow release without placing too much pressure on any specific part of the spine.

To do this:

– Begin tucking your chin toward your chest, protecting your neck from straining.

– Gently release your hands and arms to your sides (if bound in fish pose) or onto the ground by your hips (in supported bridge).

– Slowly roll over one vertebra at a time, gradually releasing the pressure on your back.

– Once on your stomach or in a seated position, take a deep breath and allow your spine to return to its neutral alignment.


Learning how to come up from a back bend safely and smoothly is crucial for maintaining spinal health and preventing injuries. By incorporating these three methods into your practice, you will not only improve your overall performance in yoga but also ensure that you move forward with safe and efficient technique. Practice mindfulness as you explore each method, paying attention to which one works best for you and always honor the limitations of your body.

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